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Eddy strategy

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Eddy Strategy and Knowing Your Game. (Taken From Jim Screechie in the CAPO-ERA discord, with slight edits)

Playing Eddy in this Game means that patience is more of a virtue than anything else ... You have the best Backdash in the game it's important to use it to your best ability you have pokes that will more than likely be in your favour if you implement good movement. A lot of Eddy player problems is that they are more so resorting to doing flippy floppy like moves to confuse their opponent to get the advantage on some lower level players but nowadays people are learning this match up and it's your job is show beyond the obvious. At a high level, this wouldn't work for your opponent is going to be more than ready to punish you or counter hit when he sees fit. Keep it simple so you won't prove their expectations correct. Regular pokes like standing 4, SS4, DF,4 1,2 1,3, df1,1 SS 3+4 and WR+4 are good keep out moves. Keep your opponent respected until you build in more tricks once they understand that you are not giving away your game plan. You can also relax spring kick or cancel to keep them from being risky.

Knowing your game means knowing the limits of your character. If you see one thing isn't working don't do it again .. 9x of 10, your opponent has trained themselves to stop it. Instead, try a different approach, try a move that's not so common and remind yourself of other moves you have used yet during the set. If you do try something again make sure you have a safer option or leave them in a situation where they have to guess so you condition them to think otherwise. Sometimes being safe helps and while the reward is smaller you want your opponent to acknowledge that you aren't always risky and that you value your options.

Knowing your game with Eddy means not getting carried away. Knowing when to stop offensively and defensively goes hand in hand. Playing like this creates your own control from a psychological standpoint. Facing your opponents is the name of the game and learning to conquer this while not being risky is hard work but worth your effort. Even running in to block can cause a lot of desperation in an opponent and the moment you see them going in is where you have control.

Defensive Eddy is best Eddy and in order for you to compliment that defence, you have to give your opponent a welcome mat that has a trap door under it. Meaning learning to whiff punish with the crazy backdash and understanding what the opponent's intentions are all while keeping yourself at a good distance

Knowing your game means knowing your opportunities. It's not always about finding an opening. In most cases it's about preserving your attacks, managing life leads and knowing that there's always a chance to steal the game. Making sure you secure the win, not by any means offensively but to build into that moment where you will eventually win with good decision making over oppression.

Key moves

Move Poke Counter Mixup Keepout Approach Oki
Jab is good okay.
Tracks left

Tracks both
  • d+4
Tracks right