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Feng strategy

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Key moves

Move Poke Counter Mixup Keepout Approach Oki
Jab is good okay.
Tracks left

Tracks both
  • d+4
Tracks right

Range 1

Feng's main space control and approach tool is iWS1 out of his command dash. This mid is i13 (more like i20 with input time), has great range and is only -1 on block. Sticky, too. On hit, it's +5. Fairly fast whiff recovery, and extremely variable spacing. Based on seeing your opponent whiff or dash in, you can try to confirm iWS1-2 for 26 damage off it. This move is extremely low risk, and mixes up QCF1 if done more slowly. In poking, can fully track SWL with a slightly slower input.

QCF1 is a low shoulder that cannot be low parried. It's -14 on block, +2 on hit, and deals 23 damage. On hit, this has considerable pushback, more or less resetting to neutral. This is a high crush that can often evade mids, and a scary counter hit launcher.

The command dash these moves come from is a high crush if you hold DF during it, and also a low parry. A crouching state, essentially. While the opponent can react to seeing you CD to guess that QCF1 is coming, they cannot react to QCF1 itself. This weakness matters more because many mid mix-ups for QCF1 have weaker range than it, so spatial awareness is necessary.

It's possible to CC out of command dash to mix QCF1 with alt mids, like standing DF22. You can also use CC alternate lows. This is useful because QCF1 hits attempts to low parry it, so threatening it allows other lows to go unparried for safer poking.

Looping CC command dash to gather information, close distance & paralyze the opponent is also very useful. This works because QCF1, QCF1+2 and iWS2 have scary CH properties.

FF2 is Feng's demon paw. At i18 it is slower than standard, and without a CH property, but has better range compared to most moves of this archetype. Wallsplats. Good for hitting people at a range where they think they're safe in moving forward. 25 damage NH, 30 CH.

F4 is an i18 high launcher that can enter backturn, making it retreat on whiff. F4-3 will beat out slower whiff punishers and people rushing into your space after it whiffs, guaranteeing FF3 for 50 damage. -10 on block. F4-4 is a seeable low launcher with extremely fast high crush; this will kill Mishimas trying to whiff punish with EWGF, even if they react fast. -12 on block. Follow-ups can be used for extended mental frames when F4 is blocked.

In pushback situations from poking, a backdash F4 can catch limbs being stuck out towards you. When you've baited an opponent into dashing into your space, it's also good for catching them in the act.

Your opponent will want to do this, because of...

B3+4, or Back Kenpo. This is an essential backswing stance. The effect is similar to a rapid 1.5 backdashes with a shift in hitbox; at the same time, it gives you access to a fast & chunky whiff punisher in KEN2. This turns ambiguous spacing situations in your favour. It is also a fairly safe stance, with no chance of punishing entry on reaction.

In combination with Feng's high crushing command dash, this gives him strong space control without the risk of actually attacking. Its use is also not limited to neutral; it can nullify many moves even at absolute range 0, depending on matchup.

This stance scales to a massive degree with matchup knowledge.

KEN3 is a slow mid launcher at i20. KEN1 is a complimentary power low, but be aware that all KEN moves bar KEN4 are extremely fallible to backdash if the opponent didn't approach. KEN4 is a linear & slow but long range mid to make approaching KEN scary.

iWS2 is a short range CH launcher mid. 17 damage NH, -7 on block. This can look unremarkable but is useful for two reasons: Feng lacks CH capability in neutral, and back kenpo spacing games cause overextension that makes CH easier.

Niche range 1

3-3-4 is an i16 high-high-low with good range. This can be a high risk BT entry via cancelling the 4, which is launch punishable if committed to and blocked. Also an unconventional keepout tool. The first 3 recovers decently on whiff and retreats to its original spacing during recovery if done alone.

Meanwhile the second 3 can be either delayed (with confirm potential) or done fast enough to stuff virtually any reaction whiff punish. The first 3 is a true combo with the second even if delayed, doing around 36 damage total. If the second 3 counterhits, it's a true combo with the delayable 4 for around 45 damage and a facedown knockdown. BTD3 will hit grounded afterwards, or BT3 can be used for massive + frames.

This is very rarely punished, but the first hit is -11 on block with pushback to around range 2. The second is -10. The hits jail if undelayed.

QCF2 is a high risk high reward -14 mid launcher from command dash. As a QCF1 mixup, CD-WS3 has equal reward & is only -12. However, QCF2 has much better range. If the opponent doesn't fear ducking or running into an iWS1, this will make them think twice.


QCF1+2 is an i16 (i19 with quickest input) mid headbutt, with decent tracking but stubby range. This deals 21 damage on hit and is +4 to +5 force FC on block. While the pushback makes DF1 whiff on backdashers, this offers an excellent pressure situation where Feng's jabs track L. It also counter hits for a KND and either guaranteed FF3 (damage) or headspring (oki).

DB3 is an infamously annoying i16/i17 high crushing low. While it's -15 on block unless at tip range, it's +4 on hit (both characters left in FC) and has a 30+ damage CH property, as well as tracking fully both ways. This locks down an incredible amount of options. After this hits, WS4 tracks step fully both ways.

B4 is another lockdown poke. This is an i12 safe mid that tracks fully both ways. This would be wildly oppressive, but it has considerable pushback and is only +2 on hit. If it hit close, D4 or DF4 are the fastest moves that will connect with backdashers.

B1 is a nerfed but still worthwhile i10 high CH tool. On CH, this guarantees a dash B1+2 shoulder for 44 damage. -10 on block since S2, some tracking to the left. If you want to avoid punishment, use 4 for a similar CH at i11. B1 has erratic backswing properties that can evade jabs.

DF1 is a range 0ish i14 mid that's +0 on block. This means B4 beats their DF1 and B1 CHs jabs. On CH, this causes a +36 stun, allowing guaranteed hit tech or a launching SS4/SS DF3 mixup. It also prevents low parries during the stun for safer poking. Sharp hitconfirming will get you everywhere.

Depending on how shallow this hits, you can back kenpo a LOT of moves after it, or pile on the pressure. Very poor tracking to L, Feng's weak side. However, recovers very fast.

DB1 is a high evading i16 mid poke with minor backswing properties and strong range. This will evade most jabs & magic 4s but is situational. Follow-ups can be whiff confirmed if you're sharp. Just enough tracking to hit people trying to step-duck DB3. Mildly unsafe but strong follow-ups.

D2 is an i20ish -12 -1 low poke that leaves Feng in FC. On CH, can get CC stomp or, with execution, CC D4-1+2 pickup for very strong oki. Deters 12 jabs & magic 4 strings. Situation on hit isn't very strong, as Feng's FC options can be SSL pretty universally.

This high crushes for not only its startup, but also its full whiff recovery. Can be used as pseudo keepout vs Mishimas. Due to hit pushback, CC back kenpo can make a lot of things whiff. Tracking isn't great.

UF2 is an i18 mid poke with strong auto sidestep. Dies to the smallest SSL. CH stun with very strong oki, but often misaligns on CH and doesn't get it. High pushback on hit or on block that renders it safe vs almost everyone. Fast enough to beat some homing moves. Abuse mercilessly in these matchups and B4 people for trying to step it.

1+2 is a mid elbow that sabakis punches, -12 on block. On hit, guarantees dash B1+2 shoulder, if you have the execution. Launches if it sabakis. Window for sabaki is at least 5 frames and activates very fast. You can dash in someone's face for tracking, do it and still parry jabs. If this sabakis far off-axis, causes a stomach hold crumple instead of a backward stumble. For a weaker safe version, use iWS1+2.

1-3 and 1-1 are follow-ups to Feng's 1 jab. 1-3 is a true combo on hit, and if the 3 CHs, it guarantees shoulder / splats if you're the wall. This also fulltracks people trying to step off your blocked 1 jab.

1-1 doesn't track as well but is still fiddly to get around. This will CH launch people for disrespecting your jab. Punishable but has escalating string follow-ups to stuff punishment. Expect to get this blocked if your jab CHs; it's never a true combo.

DF2-2 is Feng's safe mid wallbounce, dealing around 36 damage. Looks punishable; common 1+2 sabaki bait.

F2-1-1+2 is an i17 pressure/tracking/CH tool. The first hit is a safe mid that tracks L fully. This guarantees the second hit on CH, which is another safe mid. When the second hit connects, the launch punishable third hit is guaranteed. This means if F2 CHs, the full guaranteed string can deal 40+ damage and wallsplat. All hits are delayable. This is not unlike a bootleg Laser Scraper.

D4-1+2 is a fairly risk-free low. i14-i15, +0, -11, dealing 8 damage. This tracks fully both ways and has great range. The follow-up (22 damage mid, -10 block/KND hit) checks all action from your opponent including block punishment and sidestepping. It also CH combos with D4, and wallsplats. However, this is difficult to impossible to confirm under any circumstance.

Niche pokes

UF3 is an i22-i24, -2 on block, low crushing power mid. On hit this gaurantees a headspring for 40 damage or so. Why is it niche? Terrible range, and not much tracking. You can't mix up QCF1 with this unless it's on oki or DF1-style stun. After blocked 1 jab, a typical BD can't backdash this, but any further and it'll whiff. Hits people trying to SS duck DB3, but little other tracking.

DF3 is a safe mid launcher with even worse range issues than UF3. After a CH DF1 stun, dash up SS4/SS DF3 creates a terrifying launch/launch mixup. Whiff recovery isn't awful; worth using if you're not launched for it.

CD iWS4 tracks fully both ways in most situations, can come out i15 with good input, and CHs almost as well as DF1. (No SS4/DF3 mix, but you can do most other things.) This is niche only because i12 B4 exists and iWS4 requires execution. If you want a homing mid to mix up your fastest lows, this is the one. May not track characters with exceptional movement like Miguel.

2~1 is an i24 power mid with odd properties. Minor backswing blow aspects can evade jabs and crouch jabs depending on spacing. The weak first hit forces FC and pushes back on block, but Feng is -3. Next hit is extremely delayable, both to un-jail the opponent and to confirm the second hit. This is a launching true combo.

This move can be useful to blow up an opponent you've conditioned to dash in at you in poke situations via Back Kenpo.