Leo strategy

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This page is for Tekken 8. For Tekken 7, see Leo strategy (Tekken 7).

Key moves

  • Note for all of the below: unless otherwise mentioned, assume these moves have bad tracking.

Midrange Tools

  • df4 - Basic 12f mid poke, decent range for its speed.
  • ff2 - Forward advancing safe mid, great for stuffing out opponents at range. Gives LG on hit.
  • ff4,3 - Forward advancing combo starter, with decent tracking to the right. -14 on block, with a risky low followup that can dissuade punishes.
  • qcf2,1 - Safe mid,mid string with great range. Counter hits from either hit lead into a mini combo, and also has a cheeky KNK cancel.
  • df2 - Large fast launcher, only -13 on block and launches crouchers. Great whiff punisher.
  • d4,2 - The first hit is minus on hit low with tracking. You can still step or take back you turn after, and also threaten the LG-granting follow up against predictable opponents.
  • ff4,3,4 - Forward advancing launcher that provides some tracking. First and second hits are -13 and -14 respectively, third hit is a risky low that can catch punishes sometimes.


  • fff3 - Basic slash kick, plus on block.
  • d2 - Forces crouch on block at +4, and gives a counterhit combo.
  • b1,4 / b1,1+2 - Risky strings to use but can be nice midrange against timid opponents. b1,4 gives mix but the 2nd hit is steppable, b1,1+2 will stop the stepping but is -12. .

Close Range Tools

  • 1 - Basic 1 jab. Don't use 1,4 on block.
  • 1,2,1,1 / 1,2,1,4 - String follow ups that are sometimes useful for counterhitting after your 1,2. The first 3 hits are all highs, though.
  • df1,2 - First hit is a generic df1, -1 good for checking mid. High 2 extension after gives decent reward on counterhit.
  • 4 - 12f magic 4, gives a decent minicombo on counterhit.
  • df2+3 - slow high crushing low, but not that punishable. Gives a full combo on counterhit.

Jin Ji Du Li (KNK) Stance

Fo Bu (BOK) Stance

Lightning Glare (LG)

Defense/Panic Options