Leo counterplay

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This page is for Tekken 8. For Tekken 7, see Leo counterplay (Tekken 7).

KNK Mixup on Block


Leo has several options in KNK stance: 6 different attacks, cancel into CD and attack, or KNK cancel block. Leo is +9 when BOK.4, f+4, or b+1,4 are blocked. Note that 1,4 also leaves Leo in KNK stance but at -5 frame disadvantage, which can be punished heavily.

  • A 10-frame jab will beat every option except KNK.2, KNK.3+4, and CD.1 (62% of options).
  • A 10-frame generic crouch jab will beat everything except KNK.3 and KNK cancel low parry (75% of options).
  • Standing block beats all options except KNK.4 and CD.1 (75% of options).
  1. Thanks to Mr. Bunny.