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Lidia counterplay

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You could practice ducking for 1,4 and blocking 1,1 on reaction, but it's hardly worth it given how rarely 1,4 is used.



This one is a notorious noob killer because the payoff on hit is massive and its quick recovery (r20) makes it difficult to launch punish without practice. Extra difficulty arises from:

  • The active frame on the second hit being much earlier than it feels to the defender.
  • The blue sparks making it feel like the active frame is later than it really is.
  • The second attack being quite fast (,i22), as it must also be reacted to in case Lidia doesn't finish the string.

The blue sparks don't change the frames at all. They only add 2 damage.


Lidia must commit to one of these extensions to combo off a CH 4, so it's usually safe to assume she'll do one of them. They're slow enough that reacting is possible, but the animations are similar so this isn't easy. A fuzzy guard is possible but probably not worth it because without reacting to the high you won't launch it. Guessing also works fine.

Just make sure you launch 4,2 occasionally so she's always taking a risk to get a combo.



The payoff on the mid extension isn't that good and the mixup is easy to both fuzzy guard and react to, so the main threat is the high, making it risky to punish f+4,3.

The extensions will combo if the second attack gets a counter hit.


Lidia's stances present a multi-level mixup from 4 key transitions. All of them are forced and can't be cancelled.

It's better to analyze the transitions, rather than the stances in isolation, since the right strategy changes depending on the frame advantage.

General concept of the stances:

  • She can't block, but she can cancel into a jump backwards.
  • They last for 20 frames, after which she recovers standing.
  • Attacking without a read is generally a poor choice, since she has good counter hit options.
  • However, if you don't attack, she can move to the second stage for a stronger mixup.