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Electric Wind God Fist

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Electric Wind God Fist (EWGF or electric) is an iconic and difficult move of the Mishima-archetype characters, used as a pressure tool and a whiff punisher. It's a powerful version of the Wind God Fist, a Wave dash launcher move.

How to do

The input is:

It's a Just Frame move, needing you to input the final command and button at the same frame. The character you choose will shout a word (for example Kazuya will say Dorya), and a bigger and louder electric effect will appear at their right arm. If you press the button a bit later, it's the Wind God Fist version that will come out, a -10 on block launcher with more recovery, no pushback and less damage.

Characters with an EWGF

The characters with an Electric are mostly from the Mishima bloodline: Kazuya, Heihachi, Devil Jin and Jin.

Kazuya has two ways to do an EWGF, from the wave dash (f,n,d,df) and from his Mist Step (f,n,df), a special step where he walks to one of his sides and can do the same wavedash moves. The Mist Step, since it's 3 commands instead of 4 and being just f,n,df, he can do Electrics one frame faster, allowing him to do things like the Perfect Electric Wind God Fist (PEWGF), a 1-frame combo starting with ws2 into EWGF for high damage.

Heihachi has another Just Frame move, called Omen Thunder God Fist (OTGF), with input being f,n,df#1, a bit similar of Kazuya's EWGF from Mist Step. It has a similar animation of the CD.df+1, a Mid upwards punch but with blue sparks, but being -10 on block and with more startup (i19).

Jin has a different electric from the other Mishimas, called Electric Wind Hook Fist (EWHF), with similar execution but with the differential being a Screw Launcher instead of a Full Launcher. Being a Screw Launcher, he has a more limited combo after hitting than the other characters, and he also cannot loop consecutive EWHFs into a combo like the other Mishimas, being restricted to only 1 EWHF after a launcher.

Characters with a similar tool

While the Mishima family has the powerful version, some characters has tools with same purposes:

  • Armor King has the Dark Upper (Dark Smash in the move list), a Wave dash launcher with similar properties of Wind God Fist, being a high Full Launcher with same startup, -10 on block and no pushback. But since he hasn't a Just Frame version, it's used more exclusively as a whiff punisher tool.
  • Bob has the CD.df+1 (Langue Washer in the move list), working more like Jin's EWHF, a high screw launcher. While it isn't plus on block and has more startup than the other characters (i16), it's safe enough (-3 on block), which can be used more oppressively than Armor King and not restricted to whiff punishment, although with the same Jin limitations regarding combo duration and damage.