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Key techniques
  • Special cancel
  • b+1 DFLIP pickup
  • FADC
  • Dash jabs
Stances DFLIP – dp+3 or dp+4
Fastest launch
  • i10 – 1,dp+1 FADC (meter)
  • i14 – b+1 (standing)
  • i10 – d+1,dp+1 FADC (meter)
  • i15 – ws2 (crouching)
Fastest CH launch
  • i10 – 1,1,dp+1 FADC (meter)
  • i16 – f+4 (high)
  • i22 – b+2 (mid)
  • i13 – ws3 (crouching)
Fastest wall splat
  • i10 – 1,dp+1 (standing)
  • i10 – d+1,dp+1 (crouching)
Archetypal moves
Mid check df+1
Generic moves
Remapped (none)
  • d+2
  • d+4
  • uf,n,4
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Lore Akuma

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Akuma called Gouki in Japan, is one of the most powerful warriors in the Street Fighter universe. He is emotionless, and trains hard to master the dark power known as the Satsui no Hado.

Akuma doesn't play by all the Tekken ruleset. He still had most of his mechanics from Street Fighter, which gives him an unfair advantage over his opponents. For example, he throws Hadokens (Fireballs), which is a projectile that travels full-screen needs to be stepped to avoid it, and is capable of jump-in attacks, a type of mixup not normally seen in a 3D fighter like Tekken 7. There is also an additional layer to his playstyle with the inclusion of a meter gauge and the ability to perform focus attacks (FADCs)

  • Massive combo damage
  • Can launch from almost anything and at absurd speeds
  • Best mixup in the game with both a fast, high crushing, low launcher (d+3) and a safe-on-block mid launcher (ws2)
  • Wall combos with both tech traps and resets
  • Difficult combo routes when looking for wall carry
  • Fast launchers and high damage combos only possible with meter
  • Limited pokes
  • Short range block and whiff punishment
  • Loose pressure

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