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Key techniques Shotgun Loops
Stances {{{stances}}}
Fastest launch i15 – df+2,1
Fastest CH launch i11 – 4 (high)
Fastest wall splat
  • i11(~12) – f,F+1,4 (hard)
  • i14 – ws3 (crouching)
Archetypal moves
Mid check f,F+1
Clef cannon 1,1,1
Generic moves
Remapped (none)
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Julia is a very potent rushdown character with a plethora of mixups to overwhelm and lockdown the opponent. Once she knocks the opponent down, the game is just beginning as she can snowball momentum with her powerful Okizeme options. Should the opponent survive, they'll likely find themselves at the wall where Julia's already immense pressure is further bolstered. Party Crasher is Julia's most useful and unique neutral tool, allowing her to lock down the opponent on hit or block. Once she has the opponent sitting still, she can start to run through her arsenal of tools to fish for 50/50's with or catch the opponent trying to disrespect her pressure. In spite of her somewhat stubby pokes, Julia can easily contend against her opponents buttons in neutral by using powerful long ranged whiff punishes such as df+2, 1, d+1+2, or b+1+2. She can also force her way in with Lashing Arrow, her swift step moves, f, F+4, or WR+1. Though she isn't a jack of all trades, she is very versatile and she can switch up her gameplan instantly to throw her opponent off beat and is best played this way to force mistakes from her opponent.

Though she is great at locking down her opponents and punishing their mistakes in neutral, her block punishment is average at best and she can only lock down her opponent as well as she can read and condition them. Party Crasher is not plus so the only way she has to beat anyone mashing is with the follow-up high which can be easily ducked and launched if predicted. Her comeback potential is rather low if she can't get a good launch as her higher damage lows are not always readily available; Bow and arrow makes for a great knockdown low, but the opponent needs to be conditioned to let Julia crouch in their face long enough for it to come out, and War Drums has a tight spacing window for it to be natural on hit. Julia thrives when she has control of the match and can comfortably harass her opponent in neutral. An opponent comfortable with the match-up and willing to slow down and play defensively against her is going to have an easier time than one that is constantly trying to challenge everything she does.

  • ff1 and f3 are strong approach tools that make keeping out Julia very difficult
  • Very high damage with both combos and oki options afterwards
  • Unseeable 50/50 mixup from FC
  • Strong throw game with Mad Axes a command grab that can be buffered
  • Safe single hit mid wall splat
  • Various stances and mixups from Stance
  • Amazing wall carry from even basic combos
  • Great tools to whiff punish opponents from range, such as f, F+3, df+2, 1 and d+1+2
  • Very compact gameplan that does not require many moves to be effective
  • Weak poke damage, often needs to take big risks for big damage
  • Execution intensive. Both combos and neutral require sustained execution to be effective
  • Many of her best tools are very punishable on block and are high commitment, such as Bow and Arrow, War Drums, and df+2, 1. Even her tools that aren't punishable on block almost always make her lose her turn like b+1, f, F+1+2, ws+3
  • Prone to getting turtled as her lows are fairly unthreatening. An opponent playing compact and defensively is going to force her to work harder than other characters would need to in similar circumstances
  • Very few plus frames on block leaving Julia's pressure based on reads and conditioning the opponent
  • She loses out on her wall game when on an infinite stage. Also practically does not have a rage drive on infinite stages.

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