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Julia changelog

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4.10, 22 Mar 2021

Main article: Version 4.10

Knockdown on hit changed to allow a back roll tech recovery.
Frame advantage on block reduced from -8 to -12.
Damage reduced from 30 to 27.
Frame advantage on counter hit changed to +13g, no longer leading to a juggle.

4.00, 10 Nov 2020

Main article: Version 4.00

Command Change
New move.

3.33, 19 Aug 2020

Main article: Version 3.33

Added Features for Player Match

  • Added the skip feature to skip your turn in Player Match lobbies
  • Added an indicator showing that a stage was randomly selected to VS screen, when random is selected at the stage selection.

3.30, 20 Mar 2020

Main article: Version 3.30

Added functionality for Practice Mode:

  • Punishment Training all on/off toggle added
  • Total damage displayed for combos

Added functionality for Frame Data Display:

  • When a crouching state is induced from a hit or a blocked attack, an icon representing this has been added to Frame Advantage.
  • For Status, the letters now turn blue when your status reflects being able to avoid low and special mid attacks.
  • Fixed bug in which unintended information was displayed in certain circumstances.

3.10, 10 Dec 2019

Main article: Version 3.10

  • New Feature "Punishment Training" added to practice mode.
  • "Match-Up Win Rate (World)" added to the online Versus screen.
  • New customisation items added.

3.01, 03 Oct 2019

Main article: Version 3.01

Command Change
f+3,1+2 Fixed an issue where damage did not increase when throwing during rage mode.