Steve (Tekken 7)

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Key techniques
  • iWS from DCK
  • Stance transitions into DCK cancels
  • CH d/f+2 pickup
  • FLK (Flicker) – b+3+4
  • PAB (Peekaboo) – f+3+4
  • DCK (Duck) – f+3 (or f+4)
  • WVE (Weave) – 3 and 4
  • SWY (Sway) – b+3 (or b+4)
Fastest launch
  • i17 – b+2 (standing)
  • i18 – FC d/f+2 (crouching)
Fastest CH launch
  • i13 – b+1 (high)
  • i16 – d/f+2 (mid)
Fastest wall splat
  • i13 – b+1,2
  • i14 – d/f+1+2
  • i16 – qcf+1
Parry b+1+2 (high or mid punches)
Archetypal moves
Mid check
  • d/f+1 (standing)
  • ws1 (crouching)
Power low d/b+3,2
Generic moves
  • d+1 → d/b+1
  • d+4
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This page is for Tekken 7. For Tekken 8, see Steve.

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Steve is a boxing counter hit maestro, unique for his two kick buttons largely acting as stance transition buttons, rather than the conventional kick attack binds. He boasts one of the largest movelists in the game, allowing for flexibility in keep out, pressure, and general player expression.

Even with such a large movelist, Steve is particularly notable for his "Quick Hook", or b+1. This is an i13 counter hit launcher, that, upon being cancelled into Steve's Flicker (FLK) stance, leaves Steve at -1 on block. Pairing this with its fast whiff recovery, large hitbox, and deadly combo damage on successful counter hit makes Steve a deadly character to carelessly button into.

All three of his primary stances, Flicker (FLK), Peekaboo (PAB), and Duck (DCK) permit Steve a very freeform approach to combat, and being able to seamlessly transition between the three on the fly is a powerful ability to master. He has a further five secondary stances in Sway (SWY), Albatross (ALB), Left Weave (LWV), Right Weave (RWV), and Extended Duck (EXTDCK), that, in tandem with the rest of his kit allow him to slink away from danger at a moment's notice, or quickly dart in from afar.

While he can put up incredible walls of keep out and pressure, his block punishment and comeback potential without rage is limiting. With rage, Steve wields arguably the strongest Rage Drive in the entire game. Without it, breaking through large life deficits can be a slow and difficult process. His lows, while very strong, mostly work to pester the opponent, with his main big-damage KND low having minuscule range.

There's certainly room to play Steve around just a few of his core tools, and the power of Quick Hook might make that seem immediately apparent. However, mastery of his stances, a good memory for situational tools, and a keen eye for timing will go a long way in ensuring that Steve's on-screen threat is nothing to scoff at.

  • Counter hit tools so good they will counterhit your breathing
  • Safety in frames and tracking
  • Great pokes
  • Amazing wall pressure
  • SECOND Best Rage Drive in the game (RD2)
  • Evasiveness using weaves
  • Some of the most dependable stances in the game
  • Bri'ish(helps to distract opponents. trust me m8)
  • Poor comeback potential without Rage
  • Lack of threatening mixups outside of wall
  • Lackluster block punishment (no i15 launchers)
  • Can't punish FUFT 4 wakeup kick
  • Poor (but consistent) whiff punishment without Rage
  • Poor ground hitting moves
  • Vulnerable to punch parries
  • Bri'ish

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