Claudio (Tekken 7)

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Key techniques Instant while running
Stances (None)
Fastest launch i15 – uf+4
Fastest CH launch
  • i12 – 4,3 (high)
  • i14 – df+2 (mid)
Fastest wall splat
  • i12 – 4,3 (standing)
  • i12 – STB.ws1,2 (crouching)
Archetypal moves
Mid check
  • b+3 (standing)
  • ws1 (crouching)
Hopkick uf+4
Stature kick SS.4
Shadow cutter db+3
Generic moves
  • d+1 → db+1
  • d+2 → db+2
Missing (none)
External links
Lore Claudio Serafino
Discord [1]

This page is for Tekken 7. For Tekken 8, see Claudio.

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Claudio is a newcomer in Tekken 7, and has the shortest movelist in the game. While some may see this as a limitation, it allows him to be easy to pick up and play while also being a minimalist's dream character. In a sense, he doesn't "need" any more moves than he already has in order to win.

He has a unique mechanic named Starburst (STB), which he gains access to by landing certain moves on the opponent - this is signified by the blue aura around his right hand, which gives him increased damage and better move properties on certain attacks. His block punishment is generally above-average, but he also possesses an exceptional hopkick (uf+4) which has good range, and has some evasive frames in its animation - earning him some infamy online.

His game plan is centered around utilizing pressure from his unique f,f,F+2 (i.e. "Superman Punch", wr2) - a heavily advantageous move on block that also does great damage on hit (gives STB), combined with his strong mid tools (to counter opponents who try to duck the WR2). These include his b+1, f,F+1+2 (gives STB), and his f,F+4. This allows him to be played effectively at mid-range and in the open, but where he truly excels is at the wall - possessing a damaging mid/low poke mix-up (SS.4, b+1, df+3); with b+1 being a safe homing wall splat mid, df+3 being a hit-confirmable wall splat mid, and SS.4 being only -12 on block - while also having easy tools to resplat and get high wall combo damage if the mids connect.

All of this makes him a very solid character, but it'd be remiss not to mention some of his weaker aspects - namely his lows being somewhat average at best aside from SS.4 and db+4,3; his combo damage being mediocre without STB and his main mid poke being a non-generic b+3 (meaning his main mid-check is harder to use for poke pressure, being -4 on block vs the generic df+1 which is -1 on block - although this has been immensely helped by his newly added b+3,3 extension which launches on CH and makes opponents hesitate).

  • Stellar neutral control and mid/long range game with b+1, f,f+1+2
  • One of the best approaches in the game with WR2 and f,f+4
  • Extremely scary wall game with iWR2, SS+4, d/f+3...
  • DAH!
  • STB makes his strengths even stronger...
  • ...but it doesn't help with his weaker areas
  • No generic d/f+1 means his close range game suffers a bit
  • Problems with his lows (SS+4 is slow, d/b+4,3 is risky)
  • Not the best combos and oki