Master Raven

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Master Raven
Key techniques
  • iWS2
  • iFC D/F+3+4
  • BT stance
  • Crouch Dash
Stances {{{stances}}}
Fastest launch
  • i16 – d/f+2
  • i14 – ws+1 (crouching)
  • i15 – f+3+4 (rage)
Fastest CH launch
  • i12 – 4,1 (high, high)
  • i13 – ws+2 (mid)
Fastest wall splat
  • i10 – 2,4 (standing)
  • i14 – ws+1 (crouching)
  • b+1+3 / b2+4 – (10-frame catch-all parry)
  • b,B+2 – (8-frame sabaki)
  • 1+2 – (3-frame sabaki)
  • d/df/f+1+2 – (3-frame sabaki)
  • BT f+1+2 – (reversal)
Archetypal moves
Mid check
  • d/b+2 – (i13, tracks SSL)
  • d/f+1 – (i14, tracks SSR)
  • 3,3 – (i14, tracks both directions)
  • ws4 – (crouching)
Power low d/b+4
Hellsweep FC.D/F+3+4
Snake edge BT.d+3
Clef cannon 1,1,4
Generic moves
Remapped (none)
Missing d+4
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Master Raven is a versatile, well rounded character. She has an array of strong, tracking pokes which allow her to control the mid range and chip away at her opponent, which works in tandem with her strong keepout moves.

Her unique crouch dash comes with high utility and gives her a variety of approach options and powerful mixups, such as her character defining iWS2 from crouch dash. This is a safe, tracking mid, that launches on counter hit.

She boasts excellent damage output both with and without walls (Raven is top3/top5 in most damage output categories). Master Raven's backturned stance has strong counter hit tools, unique defensive options, good mixup potential and ambiguous backturned throws. Raven is also a character that is not easy to step as most of her key moves either have strong tracking in one direction or track both ways.

Though improved in Tekken 7, Master Raven is one of the few characters who lacks a standing 15 frame launcher, alongside this her standing 13-14 frame punishers are unremarkable. Furthermore, her 11-13 frame WS punishers are below average; however, this is made up for with her 14 frame WS launcher and excellent low-parry damage potential. She also has a strong set of low pokes and power-lows, the majority of which track well.

Master Raven is highly expressive and the player can decide how they wish to utilise her movelist, she can play safe and look for the round winning counter hit, or go for high risk 50/50s.

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • High damage output (with or without walls, in combos & in neutral) & great wall-carry
  • Great array of tracking tools
  • Above avg movement & unique crouch-dash that can be applied exactly like a Mishima Wavedash
  • Strong throw game (has 2 throw breaks and a BT throw mixup that's fully ambiguous)
  • Open-ended gameplan which allows for a high degree of player expression. Can be played dry or as unorthodox as the player wishes


  • Below average block punishment
  • Raven's panic buttons are more risk than reward. Most of Raven's teleport parries can be floated or launched even if the parry was successful. Because of this and sub-par block punishment, Raven is heavily reliant on movement and space-control.
  • Shortage of plus-on-block options.
  • Despite being perceived as an evasive character, Raven actually isn't great at stealing turns. Again emphasizing why Raven prefers to have breathing-space than to be locked-down & pressured at range 0.

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