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Marduk is one of the most explosive characters in Tekken. He is best known for his high damage, brutal mix ups, some of the best throws in the game, and ability to steal rounds. He has great oki allowing him to continue the pressure after combos and his solid pressure allows him to break down even the most defensive of turtles.

Notable Players:

  • Joey Fury - USA
  • Energie_Marduk - Dominican Republic
  • DombiliMaymun - Germany
  • Very high damage off of combos, lows, mids, punish options, and so on
  • Amazing mids and lows capable of locking down opponents and keeping them guessing
  • Ignorant 50/50's capable of stealing rounds within seconds
  • A hard to break tackle that leads to a 33/33/33 mix up
  • Db+2 being a safe mid counter hit launcher with great range that leads to a knockdown with good oki on normal hit
  • A launching command grab that leads to almost 50% health easily if not broken
  • Amazing range on his i15 launcher leading to horrifying whiff punishes
  • Many knees and elbows giving him safe ways to pressure parry happy opponents
  • Rage Drive can lead to him winning the round with one correct guess
  • A generic parry that leads to a free mount when successful
  • Absurd wall damage and amazing oki at the wall with a 50/50 wall throw that can lead to a launch off the wall or insanely high damage
  • Several of his throws cannot be beaten by low crush options due to them doubling as air throws
  • Unique get-up option when face-down head-towards that can lead to a mount if the opponent is not careful
  • Dangerous ground throws that will force your opponent to get up unless they want to eat a ton of damage and stay knocked down
  • Weak on defense. Marduk needs to either stop his opponent from getting close or smother them so he does not need to rely on his sub-par defense options.
  • Needs to pick between wall carry and damage in mid-screen combos
  • Some characters have Marduk-specific damage options against him such as Julia
  • Evasive characters can give him a hard time
  • Very bad jab hitbox can lead to his jab getting evaded easily by smaller characters
  • Marduk's left arm makes his side-step right weaker
  • Fastest reliable single hit counter hit launcher is i16
  • Higher on average execution on some routes can make bread and butter wall carry combos tricky

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