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Jack-7 is a simple poke-oriented character specializing in space control. His fast and long range pokes serve to annoy and test his opponents before he can use the information gathered to dominate the neutral. Therefore, patience and timing become key characteristics of solid Jack players.

Jack's humongous upper body may be his greatest asset, allowing him to swing from across the stage with mids and lows, or his greatest liability, large hitbox nullifying his sidestep's evasiveness. These qualities make staying mobile, pressuring with long range mids, and chipping the enemy's health with annoying (and lethal) lows his core gameplay.

Jack's grapple game is strong, boasting a complete set of throws. These command grabs can provide benefits ranging from, good okizeme, plus frames, guaranteed follow-ups, wall-splats and a full combo. The only downside would be his massive arms making throws easier to see.