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Fahkumram is a hard-hitting, long range, powerhouse. He has plethora of tricky strings but also strong single hit moves that cover a wide variety of options. His panic options are strong but risky, he'll often require strong defense should the opponent get in (if they can even do that).

  • Long range on key moves
  • Strong tracking and homing options
  • Strings on big buttons (1,2, 3, df+1, f+3) force opponent to constantly guess strong canned mixups
  • d+2 is a dickjab that can't be low parried
  • High damage on BnB combos.
  • High damage on low pokes.
  • Immense wall carry.
  • Full punishment suite
  • Unblockable options at the wall
  • Bad sidestep
  • Some characters get better combos vs him
  • Can be weak to pressure without taking risky panic options, no generic d4
  • All standing lows are -13 or worse

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