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Savage Stance

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Miguel's Savage Stance (SAV) is a vital tool used for mix-ups, combos, and punishers. It can be entered manually by inputting 3+4 or holding forward after certain moves. Due to its importance, it's recommended the have 3+4 mapped to a single input for speed and consistency.

Let's get SAVAGE

SAV (Savage) is Miguel's special stance that has a set of moves specific to SAV

  • d/f+1[~f SAV]:
    • Hold F to enter SAV
    • This means, you can do d/f+1 and choose to enter SAV stance or not
    • You may enter SAV stance regardless of if the attack whiffs, is blocked, or hits
    • Frames are the same, whether you enter SAV or do not enter SAV, e.g. d/f+1 and d/f+1~f SAV are both -2 on block
  • Enter "manual SAV" stance anytime with 3+4
    • Takes 8 frames and you can be hit during this

SAV Stance basics

  • Auto block even if you hold Forward, e.g. d/f+1~F ... (blocks move)
  • You cannot side step, back dash, or forward dash
  • Cancel it by ~d/b or ~d/f (instant cancel in 1 frame)
  • You can low block or low parry from stance

Important SAV stance attacks

  • SAV 2: i16 safe mid, KND on hit
    • Highest damage attack from Miguel
  • SAV b+1[~f SAV]: i14 homing mid, safe, shorter range. Very good!
    • SAV b+1<4: Delayble 2nd hit and 2nd hit is a CH launcher
    • SAV b+1,4: Natural combo with no delay, but 2nd hit -10 on block
  • SAV d+4,3[~f SAV]: i15, low, mid string. High damage. -2 on hit, however the 2nd hit is a mid and -15 on block
  • SAV d/b+3[~f SAV]: i19, low, high damage
    • CH SAV d/b+3: Free damage on CH.
      • Can do manual SAV d/f+2 (3+4 SAV d/f+2) or f,f+2,1 3+4 SAV d/f+2 (difficult)
  • SAV 1 strings: i12 high strings
    • SAV 1[~f SAV]: +0 on block
    • SAV 1<4: Delayable, wall bounce
      • SAV 1,4: With no delay it's a natural combo
      • SAV 1<4: Delayable 2nd hit, not a natural combo on delay, 2nd hit will wall bounce if it hits
      • SAV 1,4: -10, but safe, except if opponent back is close to the wall.
    • SAV 1<1: Delayable
      • SAV 1,1 or SAV 1<1: natural combo KND into free d/b+3,4 -> 50/50
      • 2nd hit is a CH launcher and tracks if they press a button
  • SAV b+3[~f SAV]: Power crush, high
    • SAV b+3~f SAV d/f+2 is a combo on hit
  • SAV 4: homing, i16, CH launcher, +0 on block
    • KND on normal hit with free 3+4 SAV d/f+2
  • SAV 3<3: i15 mid, high
    • Delayable two hit string that is a hit confirm
    • 2nd hit launches on CH

Good Options into SAV mixups

Move Frames on hit(block) Uses
2,1~f +7(-4) i11 short range punish into SAV
f+2,1~f +10g(-12) i12 punish into SAV
d/b+3~f +4(-12) i18 low into SAV
d/f+1~f +5(-2) i13 safe mid into SAV
d/f+1,1~f +5(-3) i13 safe mid, high string into SAV
ws+1~f +8(-3) i11 short range ws punish
f+4~f +6(-7) i17 long range homing punish
u/f+1~f KND/(+4) i25 slow plus on block mid, hits extremely low to the ground and is airborne
b+3~f +7(+7) i30 even slower plus on block mid, is airborne in the middle of its animation
d/f+1+2~f +5(-) command throw that goes into SAV


Transitions into SAV
Savage to Savage
SAV 1~f
SAV 1,2~f
SAV 3~f
SAV 3,3~f
SAV f+1+2~f
SAV d/f+1~f
SAV d+4~f
SAV d+4,3~f
SAV d/b+3~f
SAV b+1~f
SAV b+3~f