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With Tekken 8 announced on Sep 2022 (release date TBA), a question arises as to how we will handle the transition from 7 to 8.

Most fighting game wikis, such as Dustloop and Mizuumi, handle this by namespacing every page on the site with the game first. Almost every page is titled “{game}/{page}”. This makes sense for them since they cover so many games, but it has a few downsides:

  • Page titles and URLs are much longer.
  • It discourages writing pages that cover things not specific to any one game, and leads to duplication of this kind of writing.

However, we expect most readers will quickly move to playing 8 and that it becomes the default. If this happens, it's possible to maintain the page titles and context that is assumed currently, except with the context being Tekken 8 instead of 7.

Current plan

When Tekken 8 is released:

  • Existing pages and templates that apply just as well to Tekken 8 (such as neutral, {{Mixup}}, and {{Navbox system}}) can remain unchanged.
  • Existing pages that are mostly the above can be written to assume a Tekken 8 context, with any Tekken 7 specific information put into its own section, refnote, or some other way of keeping the info there but clearly separate.
  • Existing pages that are wholly unrelated to Tekken 8 (such as {{Navbox fighters}} and almost all character pages, e.g. Jin) should—if that page title is needed for a Tekken 8 version—be renamed to e.g. Jin (Tekken 7). Both pages should have a {{Hatnote}} referencing each other, e.g:

This page is for Tekken 8. For Tekken 7, see Jin (Tekken 7).

This page is for Tekken 7. For Tekken 8, see Jin.