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This page is intended to document a working method to obtain resources from the Tekken 7 game data, such as character portraits, HUD icons and other in-game graphic elements.

Extracting and Browsing Tekken 7 Resource Files

  1. Download QuickBMS.
  2. Download UEViewer.
  3. Extract the contents of quickbms.rar
  4. Open quick_bms_4gb_files.exe and select tk7.bms as the script to use
  5. Select all the Tekken 7 pak files located under {Steam Folder}\steamapps\common\Tekken 7\TekkenGame\Content\Paks\
  6. Select the desired output location. It is recommended to create a separate folder for this purpose on a drive which has at least 51 GB of space.
  7. Press 'Enter' when prompted to 'Please insert the content for the variable KEY'. Press 'a' if asked if you want to overwrite files.
  8. Wait for the process to finish. You should have a folder tree with .uasset files in them.
  9. Extract the contents of umodel_win32.zip and run ueviewer.exe
  10. Select the folder with the extracted uasset files while leaving all other options at their defaults
  11. You can now browse the contents of the Tekken 7 game files

Exporting Resources

  1. Right-click a folder you want to extract and select 'Export folder contents'.
  2. Select the desired output location. If exporting images, change 'Texture Format' under 'Texture Export' to PNG.
  3. Select Unreal Engine version 4.14 when prompted

Useful Resource Locations

  • VS Character Portraits (L): TekkenGame\Content\UI_common\Texture2D\ReplaceImages\VS_CH_L\
  • VS Character Portraits (R): TekkenGame\Content\UI_common\Texture2D\ReplaceImages\VS_CH_R\
  • VS Character Portraits (Special, need to be unlocked using fight money): TekkenGame\Content\UI_common\Texture2D\ReplaceImages\VS_CH_UNLOCK\
  • Fight money icon (max amount): TekkenGame\Content\UI_common\Texture2D\ReplaceImages\UNL_THUMB\
  • Special Match text (in multiple languages): TekkenGame\Content\UI_common\Texture2D\ReplaceImages\TRE_SPECIALMATCH\
  • Rank Images (English): TekkenGame\Content\UI_common\Texture2D\ReplaceImages\RNK_S\us\
  • Combo notation buttons: TekkenGame\Content\UI_common\Texture2D\ReplaceImages\GAIJI\