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Movelist pages primarily consist of {{Move}} transcludes. See that documentation for guidance on what to put in each field.


Generic moves can be included but a movelist is considered complete without them.

Usage tips should not appear in movelists. A movelist entry only describes what the move does, how it behaves, not how to use it. Further details belong elsewhere, such as the strategy or tech pages.

There is no robust standard currently for notating jumping moves or running moves.


Within sections moves are ordered by stance first (no stance first, then alphabetical order on stance abbreviation), then direction (n first, then clockwise starting at f), then numerically by button (first 1, last 4; combinations ordered by number of buttons, then starting from the first button). So for example, 4 is before f+3 is before d+1 is before d+4 is before d+2+3 is before d+1+2+3.


Movelists are split into sections to make it easier for readers to find the move they're looking for. Each section should have a {{MoveDataHeader}} at the top of it.

The standard sections are:

  • Heat
  • n
  • f
  • df
  • d
  • db
  • b
  • u
  • Motion input
  • Crouch
  • WS
  • Character specific stances
  • Others
  • Throws
  • 10 Strings
  • External links

For Tekken 7 movelists, "Rage" replaces "Heat". For Tekken 8 movelists, Rage Art goes under Others.

The "External links" section links to other movelists or frame data for this character. Every movelist should have a link to the respective English page on geppopotamus.info. Links to YouTube videos going through the in-game movelist are also appropriate.


The heat section contains any moves that use the heat gauge. The entries should be in this order:

  1. Heat burst (2+3)
  2. Heat smash(es) (H.2+3)
  3. Moves that can only be done in heat
  4. Heat engagers (indicated with {{HeatEngager}} in notes)
  5. Moves that consume or replenish the heat bar or that have unique properties while in heat

Heat dash moves should not have a separate {{Move}} entry. {{HeatDash}} used in notes is enough to indicate a move can do a heat dash, e.g. {{HeatDash|+11g +26d}} indicates that a heat dash can be done and is +11g on block and +26d on hit.

Heat engagers are duplicated in the main movelist, making use of {{MoveQuery}}.

Moves in the 5th category are duplicated at the editors discretion, making use of {{MoveQuery}} or {{MoveInherit}} as appropriate.

Motion input

The motion input section contains dash, wr, and other moves that make use of a motion input but that don't belong in a specific stance section. Running moves are notated e.g. f,f,F+2, with "wr2" listed as an alternate input in notes. Dash moves are notated e.g. f,F+2.


The crouch section contains hFC and FC moves, in that order.

The main listed input for these moves should not include the down input unless some other direction is also involved, so e.g. hFC.d+1 should instead be written hFC.1. Similarly, there's no need to mention that hFC.1 has e.g. hFC.db+1 as an alternate input, since this is implied.

Character specific stances

Each stance section contains any manual transitions at the top, followed by the stance's moves in regular order. Manual transitions can be duplicated elsewhere in the movelist at editors discretion, making use of {{MoveQuery}}.

Whether a stance goes in its own section is at editors' discretion. As a general rule, a stance goes in its own section if there are multiple ways of entering it or if it has 4 or more moves.

If a stance only has one transition and a few moves, it's usually more appropriate to list all the stance moves immediately after the transition. For example, Lei's db+1 has all Sitting Snake moves listed immediately after it in his Tekken 7 movelist.


The others section contains moves from stances like OTG, SS, and BT that most characters only have one or two moves for. If one of these stance has a substantial movelist (e.g. BT for Xiaoyu), it should be in its own section.


The throws section contains all non-striking throws. It does not contain parries, which are placed in the movelist based on their input.

The generic f+1+3 and f+2+4 throws have their own entry, making use of {{MoveInherit}} as appropriate.

For generic positional throws, these are notated with the inputs being "Left throw", "Right throw", and "Back throw".