Version 1.03.02

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Version 1.03.02
Released 2024-04-16
Official notes [1]
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Version 1.03.01 Version 1.04.00


Rage Art
Heat Burst
Fixed an issue where in specific situation, opponents were able to move during the time freeze animation before the activation of Rage Arts or Heat Bursts.
In version 1.03.01, adjustments were made to the collision detection between characters and walls to address the issue of slipping through an opponent and whiffing when performing a Rafe Art after executing a Tornado near a wall. However, as a result, certain existing combos became inconsistent. Therefore, we have reverted this adjustment.


As a countermeasure against this attack, we initially implemented balancing adjustments in version 1.03.01 with the assumption of "evading sideways and then counterattacking." However, due to the current difficulty in executing counterattacks, we have made the following adjustments.
The recovery frames have been increased by "5F".
The forward movement distance after the end of the attack duration has been reduced.


Heat Dash
The ability to activate Heat Dash despite whiffing in specific circumstances has been corrected.
The behavior of the opponent when Heat Dash was activated under certain circumstances and deviated from expectations has been corrected.
Back Dash
The input window has been adjusted to mitigate the occurrence of unintended dashes or back dashes.


Back Dash
Due to animation data changes, back dash distance was shorter than expected so this was reverted to its V1.02.01 sate.