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Tech broadly covers anything that doesn't fit elsewhere, such as:

  • Notable tricks or niche uses for a string/move
  • Execution tips for a particular technique

If a section gets too long, it might be sensible to move it to its own page.

  • INF.u+3 (,i19) is 5 frames faster than INF.3 and INF.d+3 (,i24), which can make it harder for an opponent to duck punish the previous high. In particular, if you want to do another attack after ws3,3,df+3,3, it should probably be INF.u+3.
  • Using a 2+3 bind for instant while running 3 will get you f+2 when you mess up instead of f+3.

f,F+4 evasion

Lee's f,F+4 can evade certain mids if done at the right time. Some examples:

Hopkick from crouch

Lee's uf+4 is his fastest launcher from crouch. However, its input can conflict with FC.uf+4, which is much slower. To avoid getting FC.uf+4:

  • If you're in blockstun or recovery, just uf+4 will work, because FC.uf+4 can't be buffered.
  • Otherwise, input u~uf+4. You only need a single frame of u. This is not actually a crouch cancel, but rather avoiding the “correct” FC.uf+4 input. This will be active on frame 15 starting from the u input—not the uf+4 input—because of jump tweening.

iWS from MS

See also: Lee combos#Staples

MS.b,n is in while standing state for the first 4 frames. There's no trick to it other than timing. For example, ws2,4 from MS is done with the input b,n,2,4. Make sure you're getting the n input before your 2. It's more about timing than speed, so don't rush it.