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Bread n' butter

Bread n' butter combos are juggles that:

  • Work on as many different launchers as possible
  • Work on all body sizes
  • Don't require difficult techniques specific to this character

Launchers that require unique combos go straight to § Staples.

Launcher type Example(s) Combo
  • U/F+4
  • d/f+2
  • f,F+3
  • WS.2
  • CH d+3,2
  • CH qcf+1
d/f+3,2~d/f CD.1 f+3,2 S! WR.+2,3


CH d+2
CH d/f+4
f,f d+3,4,1
b+2,2 d/b+3+4
b+2,2 f,f d+3,4,1
b+1+2 (RA)


Staple combos are juggles that:

  • Can be done consistently by a skilled player
  • Either work on all body sizes, or the characters it does work on are comprehensively listed
  • Are not strictly worse than another combo listed in terms of difficulty, damage, wall carry, and oki

Most if not all of Anna's staples require QCF+1 filler to get the most out of her damage. The reason being is that there is a huge difference in damage, most of her combos that don't use QCF+1 filler do around 58-64 damage. QCF 1 combos carry further and do around 64-70

Another thing with Anna, if your playing her on an infinite stage or if the wall is too far, opt for ending your combos with d/b+1,4 be sure to delay the 4 so it spikes them, giving you extra damage that is not scaled down because of the combo.

Example would be if you were to use her d/f 2 staple, ending the combo with WR.+2,3 that would net you 58 damage, ending it with d/b+1,4 would give you 64.

[13] d/f+2
[21] U/F+4
[22] WS.2
[12] SS 1+2
[24] CH d+3,2
[20] CJM.u/f+4
[25] CH (1,2),1,4
[+51] QCF+1 2 QCF+1 f+3,2 S! WR.+2,3
[+49] QCF+1 1 QCF+1 f+3,2 S! WR.+2,3
[+45] d/f+3,2~d/f CD.1 f+3,2 S! WR.+2,3
[27] CH QCF+1
[+53] QCF+1 d/f+3,2~d/f CD.1 f+3,2 S! WR.+2,3 [s 1]
[+51] QCF+1 2 QCF+1 f+3,2 S! WR.+2,3
[+49] QCF+1 1 QCF+1 f+3,2 S! WR.+2,3
[20] CH QCF+2
[+41] 1~B,CJM.d+3,3 f2 f+3,2 S! WR.+2,3 [s 2]
[+46] d/f+1 d/f+3,2~d/f CD.1 f+3,2 S! WR.+2,3
CH 4
[54] b4 S! d/f+1 d/f+3,2~d/f CD.2,1
[58] b4 S! QCF+1 1 QCF+1 f+3,2 [s 3]
[55] b4 S! QCF+1 1, ff, 1, IWR.+2,3 [s 4]
[49] ff, d+4,1 f+2,3 S! WR.+2,3 [s 5]
[21]FC d/f2~1
[38] FC.d+4,1 f+2 f+3,2 S! WR.+2,3
[42] FC.d+4,1 QCF+1 f+3,2 S! WR.+2,3
low parry
[45] d/f+3,2~d/f CD.1 f+3,2 S! WR.+2,3
[49] QCF+1 1 QCF+1 f+3,2 S! WR.+2,3

  1. Tendency for the screw to completely whiff
  2. Go into CJM while preforming QCF+2,1B
  3. Need to be on point with the dash up to connect QCF+1 after b+4 S!, also has a tendency for the ender to whiff.
  4. Has excellent wall carry, but getting the IWR is extremely hard.
  5. Has excellent wall carry Mostly works on tip range due to micro dash pickup using d+4,1.


Damage values are with max juggle scaling, without rage, and no breaks.


Extra combos are juggles that:

  • Don't fit anywhere else
  • Maximize damage, wall carry, oki, or style points

If there are a lot of combos here using a specific difficult technique, they should go in their own section.

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