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Yoshimitsu has a unique 6-frame mid launcher in the form of Flash (1+4, While Rising 1+4, Kincho 1+4). On paper, this is a fantastic move. It should be the ideal punisher, and a strong interrupt tool; however, the main limitation of Flash is range. Most use cases of Flash are character matchup dependent or require setups.

There are a few techniques to extend the range of Flash, each with their own situational use case:

  • No Sword Stance variants of Flash all have extended range, as the hurtbox includes the unsheathing animation. The No Sword Stance variants are 2 frames slower than normal Flash. Using Flash in No Sword Stance returns to One Sword Stance.
  • Standing Flash can be Kara canceled into with 4~1+4. A Kara is a variant of a slide input, except going from a one-button input to a multi-button input. The startup frames of 4 moves Yoshimitsu forward slightly. This input cannot be buffered and adds at least one frame to the startup of Flash. Can be used in No Sword Stance.
  • Against moves that are -11 (-13 in No Sword Stance) or more, a buffered forward dash into Flash extends the range greatly.

Some key signifiers that Flash may punish an opponent's move:

  • The opponent moves forward into Yoshimitsu during their recovery.
  • The opponent's string has a visible gap between attacks.
  • The opponent's attack is a high and is avoided with a duck.

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