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Lee setups

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u/b+3 wall ender

After f+4,3 at the wall, you can replace d+3 with u/b+3 for 3 more damage. This beats every option except for quickstand.

If the u/b+3 hits grounded, d/f+4 or 3 will loop into another W! f+4,3 if they don't tech roll. If they tech roll, you're +2 and opponents who think you just did a big whiff can get their counter-attack blown up by 2,2,3.

If the u/b+3 hits standing (possible if they getup into crouching guard for some reason), d+4,4,3,3 and d+4,4,u+3 are guaranteed. It's possible with some practice to react to the different knockdowns and act accordingly.

Quickstand loses to both f,F+3 and f+3,3,4. The former does 20 damage, and the latter does 18 damage and breaks walls.

This is useful if the opponent doesn't know what's going on, since you just get free damage and better oki on your wall combo.

But if they know how to block it, the mixup is quite bad. Quickstand vs u/b+3 leaves Lee at -13, and staying down vs f,F+3 causes a big enough whiff to punish with a spring kick or wake-up mid. So it's much worse on average than the guaranteed damage from d+3.

Against big bodies

Gigas, Jack-7, Kuma/Panda, and Marduk recover 1 frame faster after f+4,3 than other characters, so—

  • u/b+3 will also lose to b getup
  • The input window for f,F+3 to beat quickstand goes from 2 frames to 1

Against bigger bodies, f,F+3 can beat a side roll. For these opponents, when choosing to stay down their best option is to do nothing. This makes f+3+4 an enticing option, since it does 6 more damage than u/b+3 but loses to side rolls. However, because of the difference in speed between f,F+3 and f+3+4 this can be fuzzy guarded in theory with a delayed quickstand.

There's no hard rule on whether f,F+3 will beat a side roll and in which direction, since it depends on the angle, but as a general rule:

  • Gigas, Jack-7, and Marduk always get hit
  • Fahkumram usually gets hit
  • Armor King, Akuma, Bob, Feng, and King usually get hit doing side roll left, but not side roll right
  • All other characters don't get hit doing either side roll

Slide at wall oki

When the opponent's back is against the wall, Lee's slide will give fantastic oki on hit, making it a very dangerous option.

  • After a slide hit, an instant get up into f2,1 will catch ANY get up option and guarantee a resplat (unless f2,1 gets Lee Chaolaned and doesn't work right for no reason). This tech is insanely powerful against mash happy opponents that never stay grounded after slide.
  • If the opponent begins to respect the get up f2,1 option, you can start mixing it up with u/b+3, f3+4, standing 3, FC df4, etc.
  • And finally, after the opponents begins to respect your low option against the wall, that opens them up to mid options, in particular the incredibly strong ws2,3 wall combo or ws2,4 wall splat.


  • d+2
  • d/f+4 b+3,3,f~n
  • 3 b+3,3,f~n

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