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This template is used to group together a series of pages by putting links to them at the top of each page in the series. It's mainly used on character pages so that readers can quickly jump from e.g. the combo page to the movelist.

When this template is used in this manner, a new template should be made which is then included at the top of each page linked to. Note that interwiki links automatically become bold non-links if they point to the current page.


Create e.g. Template:Fighter:

* [[Fighter|Overview]]
* [[Fighter movelist|Movelist]]
* [[Fighter neutral|Neutral]]
* [[Fighter punishers|Punishers]]
* [[Fighter combos|Combos]]
* [[Fighter setups|Setups]]
* [[Fighter matchups|Matchups]]
* [[Fighter changelog|Changelog]]

Then at the top of e.g. Fighter combos: