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Devil Kazuya

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When in Rage, Kazuya can use UB1+2 to transform to Devil. This changes some of his moves, adds new moves and removes some aswell. Kazuya can also go Devil if his Rage Drive connects and the user holds Up Forward. He is the only character in Tekken 7 to have a third use for his Rage.

New Moves

  • Up 1+2/UF1+2 - Laser that hits enemies in the air.
  • Down 1+2 (enemy airborn or grounded) - Laser that hits enemies on the ground.
  • 3+4 - Laser that hits enemies for 30 damage, can be sidestepped.
  • 3+4 - 3+4 - Pressing 3+4 twice has Kazuya swap sides before firing his laser.
  • Sidestep 2 - High damage launcher.

Swapped Moves

  • 1+2 - Becomes a laser that hits for 40 damage, can be ducked and sidestepped.
  • DF 1 2 - Becomes a launcher!
  • F 1+2 - Jinpachi's DF1+2 from Tekken Tag Tournament 2, if it hits it can launch although the combos can be awkward if the move lands from long range but a hellsweep into heavens gate is very consistent and gives good damage.
  • FF2 - Becomes a mid, if connects Kazuya goes through the opponent and swaps sides.

Removed Moves

  • DF 1 4 - you can use B2 1 instead.
  • DF 1 F2 - Removed but you can play without it fine.

Move Property Changes

  • (Electric) Wind God Fist - Changed from High to Mid, but removed pushback.
  • F4 - If it connects when the opponent is crouching, guarantees a launch with d/f+1,2 or Electric Wind God Fist.


  • If the user inputs a hellsweep, they can then also quickly input FnD/DF1 to get the move out of the hellsweep immediately, increasing hellsweep damage.


If you are grabbed while transforming it is possible to keep your Rage and transform to Devil, but it is rare.