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Miguel neutral

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Standard 33/33/33 playing Tekken:

  1. Wait: Try to bait out a whiff with movement
  2. Approach: Approach an enemy and attack them
  3. Keep out: Attack to stop an enemy from approaching and attacking you

Wait: Movement

Use Miguel's superior movement and annoying 50/50s to bait out a whiff.

Whiff punishers

Up close:

  • u/f+4: i15 launcher, aka hop kick, -13 on block
  • d/f+2,1: i16 launcher, but risky at -15 on block
  • f+1+2: i14 KND with free manual SAV 2, safe on block with pushback

Farther away:

  • f+4,2: KND and wall splat
    • Miguel's main whiff punish from back dash
  • Sometimes d/f+2,1 can work, however it is -15 on block


Mix up your approach tools and timing

  • d/f+1[~f SAV] -2 on block, +5 on hit
    • Weak to SSL
    • Combines interrupting their keep outs and making a lowish risk 50/50 out of nothing
  • d/b+3[~f SAV] +4 on hit.
    • Weak to SSR
    • If they don't duck
  • u/f+1[~f SAV] +4 on block
    • For if they may duck
    • u/f+1[~f SAV] d/f+2 guaranteed on everyone but Dragunov, Fahkumram, Marduk, and Miguel (tall characters)
  • f+4[~f SAV]: homing, +6 on hit, longer range
    • Important tool for tracking, both up close, and far away
  • d+4: Long range low, +0 on hit

Example of approach and 50/50s

Example you can do with d/f+1

  • Approach opponent with d/f+1. Usually it's blocked, sometimes it hits
  • E.g. d/f+1 blocked is -2
    • If you tried to do d/f+1~f SAV mixup, you'd lose to jabs or counter hit attacks
    • Use your superior side step and back dash to make mashers and dick jabbers pay, by making them whiff
    • d/f+1,2: If they mash after d/f+1, then the 2nd hit will CH and KND into free manual SAV 2
      • CH (d/f+1),2 3+4 SAV 2
  • Once they stop mashing, you can add a SAV mixup 50/50. Here's some examples:
    • Low and a safe mid, d/f+1~f SAV d/b+3~f SAV b+1 -> run around
    • d/f+1~f SAV 2 high damage, safe mid
    • d/f+1~f delay to see if they guess, or side step, or try to attack
    • d/f+1 into d/f+1 or u/f+1. Don't have to enter SAV
    • d/f+1~f SAV d+4,3: In case they are timing their ducks for the slower SAV d/b+3

Approach/Keepout Combined

How to approach some who is trying to keep you out

  • Back dash or side step if they are being predictable to try to bait a whiff
  • Jab: 1 and 1,2 are important to interrupt the opponent timing.
    • 1,2: Tracking isn't very good, but sometimes the 2nd hit track
    • Sometimes do 1,2,4 to interrupt opponent, but risky since they can duck and launch 3rd hit
  • d/f+1
  • d/b+3+4: i12 generic low kick with superior range
  • d+3: i20 low, high crush, +1 on hit
  • (d/f+1),2:
    • 2nd hit CH KND into free manual SAV 2
    • Helps stop mashers after d/f+1


  • Jabs: 1 or 1,2
  • d/f+1
  • d/b+3+4: i12, quick low to crush highs or beat slower attacks and interrupt your opponent
  • 4: Magic 4 counter hit launcher. High, longer range hit box
  • b+1: high, small hit box
    • Starts a high damage juggle on counter hit
    • Very short range and doesn't track anywhere
    • Can be used to interrupt strings or flow charts
  • d+3: high crush low
    • +1 on hit and long range
    • However is slow at i20
  • d+1+2: mid, high crush, long range
    • -12 on block
    • Wall splat and wall break
  • Manual SAV:
    • At long range, can manually enter SAV with 3+4 and can use SAV attacks
    • E.g. SAV 2 or SAV 4 or SAV 1 as keep out


Sometimes you need to counter with a knee or elbow to stop certain types of reversals or parries

All mids:

  • d+2: Elbow
  • d/f+4: Knee
  • SAV 3: Knee
  • SAV u/f+3: Knee

NOTE: You can also bait them out to whiff and whiff punish their parry/reversal

Anti Special Stances

E.g. Zafina or Xiaoyu or Eddy

  • d+2: Mid
  • d/b+2: Mid
  • d+4: long range low
  • d/b+3+4: generic fast low

NOTE: d/f+1 has a high hitbox, and whiffs on many special stances