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Katarina matchups

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This page is intended to document character-specific strategies and tech that Katarina can adopt. For general match-up tips, visit the Counterplay section on that character's page.


  • Use b+4 to punish d+2 and d+3 on whiff
  • uf+4 and uf+4,4 cover both ws2 and ws2~DFLIP
  • Akuma's shoryuken covers both the 4,4,4 string on its own (punishes it) as well as moves from a HAR transition

DFLIP anti-airs

uf+4 df+1


  • Alisa can evade CH HAR.1 f,F+3 OTG.d+3+4 using her special getup. Use ub+4 instead of OTG.d+3+4.
  • Alisa's f+3,2 does not work on Kat after the db+2,2 nosebleed due to range (the move hits at i15).


  • Kat can slap back against Anna's b+2,2 by inputting b+2,2 herself after the first hit of the string, which also gives a followup f,F+3 ub+4.
Kat follow-up after b+2,2 slap back

Analysis of b+3+4 against CJM

b+3+4 is a good tool against Anna's f,F+3,4~b+3 into CJM stance transition. It beats most options from the stance, and the options it loses to can be SWL. Since f,F+3,4~b+3 jails, you can input 2,2 to punish f,F+3 if Anna stops there. If she continues, the input will be eaten up and you can do b+3+4 on reaction to the string continuing.

CJM.uf+4 (and extensions)
CJM roll
CJM rage drive
loses to b+3+4
wins against b+3+4, but can be SWL
she can full combo off of it whether she cancels it or just does qcf+2. It's easy for the Anna to confirm the CH and cancel the string (on the assumption that they already inputted both of the hits). She just needs to press b after confirming the CH. They can still go for a full combo from here.
wins against b+3+4

Armor King

  • AK can punish b+3+4 and f,F+4 with f+1+4 (i13, 28 dmg)
  • AK can evade and punish all HAR moves with b+1+4 f+1+4, making it a poor tool to use without proper conditioning. Options to beat the b+1+4 from AK are listed below. A video demonstration can be found here.
    • HAR cancel into block and punish, since b+1+4 is -13 on block
    • HAR cancel > ws1,1 will counterhit AK out of b+1+4
    • HAR cancel > FC df+4 will evade and punish b+1+4
    • HAR cancel > 4 will CH for a full launch
    • HAR cancel > SS whiff punish


  • uf+3+4 has decent risk/reward against Asuka since it is only -10, giving Asuka a small punish, but gives Kat ~40 dmg with the guaranteed ub+4 follow-up. Asuka can parry the second hit of uf+3+4, so chickening it is recommended.
  • db+1,2 beats every move from a minus ob transition to HAR (4,4,4,F, 3,3,3,F). You cannot even cc into block fast enough to block the db+1. The move crushes and punishes HAR.1, and is faster than any other standing HAR move (you'll get CH). It can't be low-crushed using HAR.uf+3 or HAR.df+3 since it is a true mid (you'll get floated). Of course, if the Asuka knows and is using db+1 frequently, simply bait it out by not transitioning to HAR. You will either get +7 if you block the db+1 without the hit-confirmable follow-up, or a launch-punish after ducking and launching if the high follow-up.
  • db+1,2 loses only to HAR 4 from a plus ob transition to HAR (d+2,F, b+1,F). You can crouch cancel into block in this situation.
  • Kat's d+2 beats the Asuka flowchart of uf+3 into SS.2


  • Bob's f+1+2 can OS Katarina's extensions from 4 and b+4
  • Play in close range
  • FC.df+4 is a launch-punishable low against Bob - be mindful in its usage
  • Whiff punish Bob's 2,1,4 after a SSR with b+4,1+2 ub4 instead of hopkick, since the latter consistently whiffs.


  • Kat's FC.df+3 will low profile Bryan's orbital, especially after d+4
  • 2,2 always punishes df+2,3
  • Katarina lacks a very good punisher for qcb+3, so try to low parry it if you expect it instead of blocking
  • Katarina's FC.df+4 consistently goes under Bryan's f+3


  • b+1,2 is a good tool in this match-up - closes distance against his push-back moves, and he doesn't get a strong mixup even at +8.

Devil Jin

  • Devil Jin's u+4 evades Katarina's df+4 at >= +5. Be cautious when using it after getting a frame advantage of +5 or better (e.g., after HAR.df+3 on hit, 1,1,2 on block).
  • When Devil Jin is not in rage, use b+1,F to check u+4 usage. Confirm the float, and pickup with ws4 into float combo. If Devil Jin is in rage, this will get beaten by RA
  • It will not evade at +4 (e.g. after df+4 on hit)
  • Use uf+3 (not uf+4, which whiffs if there's no FLY transition) to OS Devil Jin's u+4 whether or not he transitions to FLY (no combo if he does transition).
  • Devil Jin can punish Katarina's f,F+4 with df+4,4



  • Eddy's RLX sweep can only be reliably floated by d+3,4 or b+1,F~1. df+1 will whiff.

General Kat vs. Eddy gameplan

Your main strategy against Eddy is poking with df+1. He has a really hard time dealing with that move; he can't step it, and it tracks his auto sidestep punch that Eddy uses instead of step. It'll also float handstand very consistently, and can float RLX, but is not consistent.

Probably the two most important things in this match-up are not giving him breathing room and knowing your punishes. 4,4,4, 1,1, and f,F+2,4 have limited utility in this match because of how often Eddy high crushes, but df+1 is much faster than most of what Eddy wants to throw at you. Once you teach him to respect it, you can play a more normal game against him, but you've got to keep it on the table to keep him honest.

You can also backdash out of RLX mixups on hit.



  • Fahk can punish b+3+4 with his b+1


  • Feng can punish b+3+4 and f,F+4 with b+1+2 (i13, 30 dmg)
  • Feng can OS -1 transitions into HAR using b+4 or uf+2
  • Kat's f+3 is a good tool to use when Feng is trying to approach with qcf moves.
  • Feng's ws4 and ws3 whiff on df+3,3. You can use it at the wall to bait a punish and wall splat him.

Common Kat vs. Feng situations analyzed

Kat df+1 on hit, Feng answers with uf+2
interrupts: d+4, df+1, 1 jab, 4
doesn't: b+1, df+2, b+3+4, d+3
in short, anything i13 or faster will interrupt.
Feng df+2,2 on block into 1+2
wins: ssr, any kicks faster than snake edge, df+2
loses: ssl, punches faster than i16 (maybe i15?)
Feng df+2,2 on block into uf+2
wins: ssl, everything i13 or faster, df+4 (no CH, why?), uf+4,4
loses: ssr, 3-string, b+4, df+2, b+1

SS.4 is a weird one to lab because he can get it either direction and he can either cancel the SS with it, or do it after the SS In general, all your fast lows beat it, mids beat it but are subject to regular tracking (b+1, df+2, b+3+4 seem to track no matter what).


  • Max damage punish for Ganryu's spring roll is ws4 d+3,4 ub+4 (48 dmg)

Pros/Cons of playing Kat vs. Ganryu

  • (+) Kat's FC skill is useful against his highs i.e. jab pressure, df+2 string, df+1,4,1, f,F+1+2
  • (+) Not a great stepper
  • (+) Can't launch punish Kat's uf+3
  • (-) His f+1+2 is a good answer to 3,3,3, 4,4,4 & d+2 because it won't get CHed by HAR.1.
  • (-) Good punishers overall, ws4 hurts
  • (-) Can launch Kat's df+3+4, FC.3, FC.df4



  • Gigas cannot use SSR as an option against the HAR mixup.


  • After d+4, Kat's FC.df+4 will evade Heihachi's df+1. However, Heihachi's f+3 will counter it.
  • Being an i12 mid, Heihachi's 1+2 will OS Katarina's 4,4,4,F HAR transition options


  • Because Kat has a generic d+4, she can OS after a blocked RFS f+4, including if they finish the string. it will hit him if he does anything other than RFS 3, in which case he low crushes and you high crush, he gets frame advantage in LFS.
  • Hwoarang can only punish Katarina's FC.df+4 with his ws4,4, since his ws3 connects on the later active frames, allowing Kat to block[1].
  • Hwoarang can OS Katarina's b+4 string extensions with his b+2. This can be baited out with a bare b+4 and launched[2].
  • Kat FC.df+4 is a great answer to Hwo d+3,4 on block, and Kat's df+4 is useful against d+3,4 pressure
  • Kat FC.df+4 evades a lot of his mids: df+1, f+1+2, df+4, f+2, RS.df+4 (but care for his df+2)
  • Hwo b+1 dodges Kat's 4,4


  • Use 1,1 ub+4 as a punish on a blocked df+1,2,1. If Jack-7 does the 2-extension, it will jail, so your 1,1 input will be eaten and you'll get an ub+4 punish. If Jack-7 stops at df+1,2,1, you'll get a 1,1 punish.


  • Remember to be conservative with your attacks due to parry. It's almost impossible to punish it on reaction, don't even put energy into it. Use a lot more moves which are safe even after parry - df+1 and d+4 are your best friends here. 4 is also good
  • be ready to use d+4 and df+1 after Jin does f+4~ZEN on block. Only press upon reaction to the stance transition. Otherwise, our df+1 will whiff and can be punished by electric or rage art.
  • Avoid usage of df+3+4 - it is seeable and launch punishable. Ditto for FC.3.
  • Use FC.df+4 to beat 2,1,4, we will pass under 2,1 and if they press 4 we CH them. Specially useful after a situation we might duck (df+4 ob, df+1 ob)
  • After df+1 many situations to face -
    • If he does 2,1, he beats us - we need to duck into FC.df+4, or SWL.
    • If he does 4, he loses to our 4,4,4 but wins vs step. Sometimes, I (Ghirlanda) like to do df+1 df+1 in order to bait the 4 (I did it vs Book too, I think), because 4 beats our second df+1, duck the 4 and launch them. But this requires a very strong mindgame. Too much, perhaps.
    • d+4 is a great option after df+1, beats a lot of stuff.
  • If he does b,f+2,3 always do df+1


  • Josie can punish b+3+4 with uf+3+4 (i13, 34 dmg) - be mindful in its usage
  • Josie's ws2,1 whiffs as a punish on Kat's db+3
  • You can use 4,4,4 to counter-hit them out of SWS if you know they're going to do SWS.2 or SWS.4. It trades with SWS.3, and it baits SWS.1. If you get in their head and make them think you're going to press buttons during SWS, you don't have to deal with the mix-up.

    At max, only CD.3 and CD.1+2 can connect, and CD.2 will whiff. Kat's F+3 stuffs CD.1+2 and launches CD.3, so you can throw it out when you see her CD from a distance. You're pretty safe to throw it out the first time or two you see her go into CD, because Josie's love CD.3.

  • You want to SWL against her, generally. Don't bother blocking her lows; low parry/low crush everything aside from FC df4. Remember that she can launch df3+4 and don't overuse it.
  • Try to stay at range 2-3, where you can bait and punish her entry tools. Josie's like to approach with ff3 and CD3, and you can punish them when you know which one they're using.
  • Df4 is also a really good option to cover Josie's approach.


  • Katarina's b+3 can OS Julia's wind roll mixups


  • Use b+3 to OS 4,4,4,F (or 3,3,3,F, 1,1,F and df+1,1,F) transitions into HAR moves



  • 2,2 connects on Kaz f+3 as a consistent punish at almost all ranges except tip range (~3.0).
  • Kazuya's RD can crush Kat's 3,3,3


Guide to breaking King's multithrows
  • King can punish b+3+4 with b+1,2 (33 dmg)


  • Bears can punish b+3+4 and f,F+4 with db+1,2 (i13, 34 dmg)
  • Bear ws2 can evade Katarina's d+3,4 for a launch punish. They will get CH if Kat delays the string.
  • punish HBS.1+2 with 3,3,3,3,3 or f,F+2,4 (hard). Even though the move is -15, Kat's uf+4,4 only connects on its second active frame at i16, missing the punish window. Blocking it off-axis seems to allow it to be punished by uf+4,4 so SSR if the Bear goes into HBS
  • CH FC.df+4 (and CH df+3+4) can be followed up with < uf+3+4 ub+4 for 63 dmg and flipover on bears. Do not do at the wall since uf+3+4 causes a flipover. Does not work if CH FC.df+4 hits from further away. Can replace ub+4 with db+3 or db+4 for 1 more dmg but no flipover/oki.


  • Kuni can punish b+3+4 and f,F+4 with f,F+4,2 (i13, 34 dmg)
  • f+3 is a decent tool against Kuni's options from df+3. If she presses df+3,2 (no cancel, or cancel into buttons), it will either punish the former, or CH-launch the latter. The Kuni could do df+3,2 cancel into block, or just bait out the f+3 with df+3 alone for a float (df+3 1) or sidestep-launch (df+3 SSR~df+2).


  • Lars' d+2 (and SEN.df+1) into 1,1,1 can be evaded and launched with Katarina's ws2 even on hit


  • Law can punish Katarina's b+3+4 with 3+4,4 (i14, launch)
  • Use b+4,1+2 ub+4 instead of uf+4,4 to punish Law's f,F+3. The latter might not reach due to pushback.
  • If Law uses d+2 into 4, Kat's uf+3+4 will evade the 4[1]
  • Kat's df+1,1 covers both Law's uf+4 and uf+4,3 - it block punishes the uf+4 and floats the uf+4,3


  • Punish Lee's b+3+4 using 3,3,3,3,3 or 2,2 for more consistency since uf+4,4 can whiff at tip ranges
  • Lee's f,F+4 goes under Katarina's b+3 and 3-string



  • Leo can punish b+3+4 with f+2,2 (i14, 35 dmg)
  • b+2 or b+3+4 punishes Leo's b+1,4 (evades the 4 and hits before Leo can recover). Leo can bait this out with just a b+1
  • Kat can SSL Leo's b+1,4
  • Kat can interrupt and punish Leo's uf+2,1 with 4,4,4


  • 3,3,3,3,3 is a good string to use against Leroy's parry since he would need to manually continue the parry if he wants to stop the string
  • magic 4 is a good OS against Leroy's uf+3+4. It punishes if he doesn't do the extension, and CH launches if he does.
  • Katarina's magic 4 can OS Leroy's 3+4 and 3+4,4. It punishes the former and CH launches the latter.
Kat's OS against Leroy's 3+4,4


  • Lidia's db+2 into ws2 can be beaten with Katarina's b+3+4


  • Lili can punish b+3+4 and f,F+4 with f+2,3 (i12, 32 dmg)
  • If you block Lili's df+3+4, Kat's b+3 beats every possible followup - beats down jab, beats down kick, beats 1+2 launcher. It trades with BT.1 but you get 2x the damage she does and +5 frames (df+4 is a full launch if she tries anything, even if she trades with a jab) it hits her on step. If she holds back for the block, you are safe. If you read it wrong and she's actually doing the df+3+4, 3+4, it floats.
  • df+2 is crucial in this MU. It's about all you have to stop her from stepping.

    You have to manually realign a lot vs Lili. Be very conservative in poking at her. Luckily, her frames aren't the best, so it's not too hard to CH her when you get the read. Against Lili, the best strat is to focus on creating whiffs and punishment, imo. Kat easily shuts down her mix ups, so you don't have to worry much about that.

Lucky Chloe


  • Marduk's uf+1,2 punishes Kat b+3+4 for 34 dmg.
  • b+2, uf+3 and b+3+4 evade and whiff punish Marduk's 1,2,3,1+2, but none are a true punish against 1,2,3 alone.

Master Raven

  • qcf+4 can be punished on block with b+1,F HAR.df+1+2 for 63 dmg.


  • Miguel's db+3 is an important low to recognize and optimally punish with ws3,3,3,3,3


  • Negan can punish b+3+4 with qcf+1 (i14, 48 dmg including follow-up)



  • Katarina's ws2 will launch-punish Noctis' d+2 with or without the extension - there's no need to guess


This section could do with more detail.
  • Paul can generally OS 4 and its extensions using d+1+2 on reaction (d+1+2 is i12 and punishes 4, which is -12; it also crushes the follow-ups)
  • This OS can be beaten by Kat by slightly delaying (??) the second 4[1]


  • Shaheen can punish b+3+4 with f,b+2 (55 dmg)


  • Abuse FC.df+4 and df+3+4 against Steve, he cannot launch them. Steve is also known for his troublesome -12 and -13 moves that have pushback that many characters cannot reach. Katarina’s 2,2 12f punisher can reach them all. He also wants to be in close, so constantly make him whiff and hopkick or f,F+2,4 him.
  • Steve can punish b+3+4 with df+1+2 (i14, 28 dmg)
  • FC.df+4 into FC.df+4 is beaten by Steve sway. d+4 into FC.df+4 or Steve ws1,2 on hit into FC.df+4 by Kat is beaten by Steve b+3+4. So you need to remember this. Make him fear FC.df+4 and then play accordingly knowing he got these tools
  • as a read, you can f,F+2,4 Steve during his b+3+4 after d+4. He shouldn't be able to block. But it's hard and it is even harder as to replicate the situation. In p.mode, it is almost impossible
  • Kat can punish Steve's PKB.f+2 (-13 with pushback) using df+1 (not df+1,1 since the high whiffs, 13 dmg, does not connect at tip range), or d+4 (7 dmg, connects at all ranges)
  • Steve's sway has a lot of utility in this matchup to evade Kat's follow-up pressure. Plan your aggression accordingly.


  • uf+3+4 will hit Xiaoyu out of AOP (but not AOP~d)
  • b+3+4 (not b+2!) OSes f,F+2,1 and f,F+2,1,b~BT, but can be baited with just f,F+2 and launched with standing 3. The 3 occasionally seems to whiff, but only occasionally.
  • bait her moves and whiff punish
  • SSL her wr3
  • don't d+1 her since AOP+SSR beats you hard
  • abuse generic d+4 and its range to hit Xiaoyu out of AOP and evasion shenanigans
  • FC.df+4 is also good vs. her so use it consciously
  • use b+1 as your go-to mid instead of df+1 as the latter whiffs against AOP
  • b+4 is a good tool against AOP and Cali rolls
df+1 (inconsistent)
hits SSR AOP
uf+3 (get evaded by AOP~d)
all lows
hits FC.d+1+2


  • Options after Yoshi's f,F+4 on block -
    • 1,1 will beat holding back and b+3_4 (any # of spins, can transition to Harrier to escape to safety)
    • 2,2 will beat holding back and b+3_4 (single spin), but loses to db and b3/b4 (multiple spins)
    • b+3 will beat holding back and holding db, but loses to b+3_4
    • b+1,F~df+1+2 will beat holding db and b+3_4 single spin (max reward option to cover these), but loses to holding back then ducking/flashing or multiple b+4 spins
    • b+1,F~4 will beat holding db and b3_4 (any # of spins), but loses to holding back then flashing
    • b+1,F~1 will beat holding db and b3_4 (any # of spins), but loses to holding back then ducking (BEATS FLASH)


  • Avoid df+4 in this matchup as d+3 and a lot of other moves will low profile it. Use b+4 to fish for mid CHs. She can't get a launch punish and it hits MNT, even hits grounded.
  • d+1 is fantastic in this matchup as well as it can't be low profiled, is safe, and CH's for 45ish
  • After you block SCR.3,3, you get a guaranteed u+4,4 launch punish every time. SCR.3,3 is -9 on block so u+4,4 will counterhit all her SCR moves. If she does the 4 extension, you'll crush it (but it will evade the first hit) and come down with the second hit for a punish. Only u+4,4 works here; uf+4,4 will move too far and have you hop over Zafina.
  • FC.df+4 is abusable in this match-up since Zafina only gets ws4 as a punish, or cc 1,3 if they have the execution for it
  • Punish MNT.2 with 3-string