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Tech broadly covers anything that doesn't fit elsewhere, such as:

  • Notable tricks or niche uses for a string/move
  • Execution tips for a particular technique

If a section gets too long, it might be sensible to move it to its own page.


While the input window for the extension is quite big, one may struggle with it at the start. First thing to understand is that the timing mid-air is different than on the ground, so when practicing it, one should do it in combos.

Next bit of advice is that you can hold 1 and then press 2 at the correct moment, the game will recognize it as 1+2, thus performing a successful Cursed Claw. Obviously it's not for everyone, but a lot of players find that helpful

Hit confirmable moves

  • CH d+4,3 - confirm on sound+animation, pretty tight, but very much possible
  • CH d+1,1 - confirm on animation - very easy
  • CH (d/f+1),2,1 - twitch confirm without rage, hit spark confirm with rage
  • b+4,4 - Not super useful due to the move overall being not good, and having it's gimmick be a stay at -8 on block/finish the string for -14 on block mix up
  • CH SCR d+3 - while you can't confirm into extensions, you can confirm by animation the +9 that the move has on CH compared to its normal -3

Not confirmable

  • CH (2),1,3 - delaying last hit will make it blockable
  • CH (2),1,1+2 - delaying last hit will make it blockable
  • CH (1+2),4,4 - can't delay at all
  • CH (f+2),3,4 - can't delay at all
  • d/f+4,1_2 - can't delay at all
  • CH (d+2_TRT) 4,3 - can't delay long enough
  • CH d/b+4,2 - can't delay at all
  • d/b+1+2,1+2 - can't delay for block confirm
  • ws1,2 - feels like it should be confirmable, it isn't
  • CH SCR (3),3,4 - can't delay
  • CH MNT 4,3 - can't delay

Backroll catches

  • d/f+3,4
  • f+4
  • b+2
    • These moves put opponent in FUFA, allowing for a decent backroll catch with ws2, they also shift the axis a lot, making the special wall catch very rare
  • CH d+3
  • SCR (3),(3),4
    • These moves already launch, but near wall the damage is abysmal, can backroll catch with ws2 instead, or guaranteed b+3 into not guaranteed d/f+1,4.
  • CH d/b+2
    • This move pushes the opponent too far for a decent catch. Cursed Claw is the best option, but it is punishable if they wake up correctly
  • u/f+3
    • It is possible with this FUFA to catch with ws2, but it is very difficult, it also does shift the axis too much for the wall catch to be useful.
  • fc d/f+3
    • Puts the opponent into FDFT. ws2 is very hard, dash in b+1 works pretty reliably, but it doesn't hit staying on the ground and siderolls, and thus can be punished. Near wall ws2 or b+3 into d/f+1,4 are good catches.
  • (1+2),(4),4
    • This move already launches, but near wall the damage is abysmal, can backroll catch with ws2 instead, or guaranteed b+3 into not guaranteed d/f+1,4.
  • CH TRT 1
    • TRT d+1+2 is the general guaranteed follow up for 31 damage, but if you delay it, it becomes an inescapable backroll catch, with a chance for a better frame advantage on hit. TRT 1+2 last hit is a catch for 31 damage as well, but it's escapable by sideroll right, but if it connects on standing opponent, can also link into b+3 for 60 total damage. Near wall TRT 2 will be able to launch for a lot of damage, but it doesn't catch siderolls.

Power crush safety net

1,4 and SCR.1+2,D can evade a lot of power crushes and Rage Arts

Character move 1,4 SCR.1+2,D
Alisa d/f+1+2 Yes No
Alisa b,f+2 No No
Asuka f+1+2 Rarely Yes
Bob f+1+2 Rarely Yes
Bryan f,f+2 Yes Very Yes
Claudio b+1+2 Very Yes No
Devil Jin d+1 Yes No
Devil Jin parry Sometimes No
Dragunov 1+2 Rarely Very Yes
Eddy u/b+3 No No
Eddy Handstand 1 No No
Feng f,f+1+2 Very Yes No
Gigas d+1+2 Very Yes No
Gigas d+3+4 Mostly No
Heihachi d/f+1+2 No No
Hwo d/f+3 Very Yes Yes
Hwo RFF 3~4 Very Yes Very Yes
Hwo LFS d/f+3 Very Yes Yes
Hwo LFS b+3 Very Yes No
Hwo RFS b+4 Very Yes No
Jack u/b+1+2 Very Yes Very Yes
Jack f,f+4 Yes No
Jin 3+4 Sometimes No
Josie ?3+4 No No
Katarina ?3+4 Mostly No
Kazumi f+2 Very Yes Very Yes
Kazumi f,f+2 No No
Kazuya f+2 Very Yes No
King f+2+3 Yes No
Bears HBS 3+4 No No
Bears b1 No No
Lars SEN 4 Very Yes Very Yes
Lars d/f+1+2 Yes No
Law DGC 1+2 Very Yes Very Yes
Law DGC f+3 Yes No
Law f,f+3 Very Yes Very Yes
Lee HMS 3 Yes Very Yes
Lee b+3+4 Yes Very Yes
Leo 1+2 No No
Leo BOK 1+2 Yes Yes
Lili d+1+2 Yes No
Lili f,f+2 Very Yes No
Lucky Chloe d/b+1 Very Yes No
Chloe b+1+2 Yes No
Raven f+1+2 Yes No
Raven BT 1+2 Yes No
Miguel b+4 Very Yes No
Miguel SAV 1+2 Very Yes Yes
Miguel SAV b+3 Yes Yes
Nina f+1+2 Very Yes No
Paul f+2+3 Yes No
Paul b+1+2 Very Yes Very Yes
Shaheen f,f+4 No Very Yes
Steve d/b+1+2 Very Yes Very Yes
Steve FLK b+2 Kinda Very Yes
Xiaoyu d/f+3 Yes Yes
Yoshi f+3+4 Sometimes Sometimes
Akuma 1+2 No Yes
Akuma d/f+1+2 Yes No
Eliza f+1+2 Kinda No
Geese hcb 3_4 No No
Noctis RDG 1 No No
Noctis f+1+4 No No
Anna d/b+1+2 Very Yes Very Yes
Anna fc f+2 No No
Lei f,f+2 Very Yes No
Marduk VTS f+2 Yes Very Yes
Marduk f+1+2 Yes Very Yes
AK f+1+2 Yes No
Julia f+1+2 Rarely No
Negan INT 1+2 Very Yes Very Yes
Negan f+1+2 Very Yes No
Negan Taunt ? ?
Zafina b+3 Sometimes No
Zafina SCR 4 No No
Zafina MNT 1+2 No No
Leroy d/f+1+2 Very Yes Very Yes
Leroy parry Very Yes No
Fahk f+3+4 Yes No