Kazuya changelog (Tekken 7)

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5.00, 17 Aug 2022

Main article: Version 5.00

Wall crush on hit +23g.
Frame advantage on hit nerfed from +14g to +11g.
Wall splat on hit removed.
Knockdown on counter hit removed.

4.00, 10 Nov 2020

Main article: Version 4.00

New move.
Damage reduced from 45 to 41.
Damage increased from 7 to 10.
Pushback strength of 1st hit reduced and attack lands easier.
Lower range of 1st hit increased.
Spacing of 2nd hit on hit reduced.
Frame advantage of 2nd hit on block improved from -14 to -13.
Recovery shortened by 1 frame.
Frame advantage on block improved from -4 to -3.
Frame advantage on hit improved from +17 to +18.
Range increased.
Frame advantage on hit improved from +1 to +3.
Behavior on hit changed from standing to staggered.
Frame advantage on block improved from -6 to -3.

3.31, 21 Apr 2020

Main article: Version 3.31

Tracking buff from previous patch reverted.

3.30, 20 Mar 2020

Main article: Version 3.30

Command Change
d/b+4 Increased the lower range of the attack.
f,n,d,d/f:2 Shortened the recovery time after the move misses by 3 frames.
f,n,d,d/f+4 Increased the move's tracking.

3.00, 05 Sep 2019

Main article: Version 3.00

New move.