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Template:Infobox patch

Template page

This template is used to provide quick information about a patch.

See also Module:Patch, which is where we store the release date for each patch.


{{Infobox patch
|name=Version 4.10
|prev=Version 4.01
|next=Version 4.20


All parameters are required except for prev for the first patch and next for the latest patch. Make sure that the prev and next forms a contiguous chain, i.e. the next page should have the current page as its prev.

Parameter Description
name The name of the page.
released The date the patch was released. Get this value from Module:Patch.
source A link to the official patch notes, preferably the English translation if one exists. If available as a PDF or other downloadable file, it's preferable to upload it to the wiki and link to it.
prev The name of the page for the previous version.
next The name of the page for the next version.


Version 4.10
Released 22 Mar 2021
Official notes [1]
Chronology (view all)
Version 4.01 Version 4.20