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Heihachi neutral

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Neutral is when both players can act freely. It makes up most of the game, so learning how to play it is critical. There's no point mastering all the combos and setups if you can't use them in an actual game.

This page contains a brief overview of this character's key neutral tools followed by advice for putting them together.

Key Tools

This section will list Heihachi's key moves and ways to apply them. Keep in mind, a move being listed under a particular section does not limit its use to only that purpose!


(1) (1,1) and (1,b+2)
i10 high. A single jab leaves you +1 on block, and the follow-up -1. (1,1) can be easily hit-confirmed into the Mishima Flash Punch combo (1,1,2). Heihachi's Flash Punch is notable as it is the only one that grants a full wall-splat, making it a fearsome option at the wall. (1,b+2) is a mid follow-up that can be used to deter opponents from acting immediately after blocking 1. This is also a true combo on CH for around 28 damage.
i13 mid, -1 on block. Has a high follow-up (d/f+1,1) that's -1 on block that can be used to catch sidesteps, and a damaging knockdown mid (d/f+1,2) that can be delayed.
i22 mid, -2 on block. Heihachi's wall bounce option that's surprisingly not bad on block. The starting animation is nearly identical to his power low (d/b+2), making these moves tricky to defend against when both are used in tandem.
i18 mid, -3 on block. Moves a decent amount forwards, knocks down on hit, and launches on counter-hit. Due to this move being a knee, generic parries will not work against it.


i14 (at the fastest) high that's +5 on block. Electric Wind God Fist, the crux of the Mishima kit. Keep in mind that the regular Wind God Fist (f,n,d,D/F+2) is -10 on block and has worse recovery than EWGF on whiff, so it's worth practicing the just-frame input.
i15, mid, -7 on block. Looks like typical d/f+2, but only launches on counter-hit.
i12 mid, -6 on block. Heihachi's quickest mid option that's useful for closing out rounds.
i24 mid, -14 on block. Heihachi's powercrush that has armor from frames 8~23. On hit, it knocks down and gives you enough time to wavedash in for a (f,f+2). Quite risky, so it's best used when you're confident the opponent will attack.
i18 mid, -9 on block. Heihachi's homing option that knocks down on hit and tailspins on counterhit.
(db+4 or d+4)
i12 low, -13 on block. All of the makings of a generic (d+4): high crushes, quick, and relatively low risk. Heihachi needs to use this because not only is it a good interrupter, but it's also one of his only lows that isn't launch punishable.


(f,n,d,d/f+3) or (f,n,d,D/F+3)


(FC d/f+4)
(f,n,d,d/f+4) series