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Noctis punishers

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Punishers for tricky moves
Various Slide {{{slide}}}
Generic FUFT.4 {{{generic-a}}}
  • b+4,4
  • b+4,4,3+4~1
  • b+3+4
  • b+3+4,3+4
db+4 {{{king-a}}}
Asuka b+3 {{{asuka-a}}}
Claudio f+2,2 {{{claudio-a}}}
Devil Jin
  • u+4
  • u+4,U~n_1_2_3
R.f,n,d,df+4,3+4 {{{devil-jin-b}}}
Eddy 3~4 {{{eddy-a}}}
b+3,3 {{{eddy-b}}}
Heihachi f,F+2 {{{heihachi-a}}}
Jack-7 R.b+1+2 {{{jack-7-a}}}
d+1+2 {{{jack-7-b}}}
Law db+3+4 {{{law-a}}}
Leroy db+1+2 {{{leroy-a}}}
Lucky Chloe
  • BT.f+3+4,3+4
  • BT.f+3+4,3+4,3+4
  • d+4,2:1+2
  • qcf+2
Xiaoyu BT.3 {{{xiaoyu-a}}}
BT.f+3+4,3+4 {{{xiaoyu-b}}}
AOP.4~3 {{{xiaoyu-c}}}
Enemy Move Damage Frames
-10 1,2,2 27 +1
-12 b+1,2 31 +7
-13 d/f+1,2 35
-14 b+3,1 37
-15 df+2 20 (?)
-11 ws4[1] 18 +6
Back-turned opponent
-10 1,2,3[1] 40 +10a (+1)
Grounded opponent
-16 d+3[1] 9 -3a (-11)
Whiff punishers
Move Speed Range Damage Risk Hitbox
1,2[1] i10 2.00 15 -1 High[2]
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Example. Remove after substitution.
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Old table (TODO: copy to above)

Move Input Speed Damage Frame Advantage
F1+2 i16 24 DMG Use when DF2 whiffs
b4,1+2 i18 44 DMG Best punish for Rage Arts, always kills.
F2 i20 33 DMG Projectile, use when anything else would whiff
Crouch Punishers
Move Input Speed Damage Frame Advantage
WS4 i11 15 DMG +5
WS1,2 i13 31 DMG +2 (forces opponent into crouch)
WS2,2 i15 LAUNCH Screw
FC DF1 i16 25 DMG Only use for wallsplat, otherwise do WS2,2

Punishment notes:

Generally, DF1,2 is gonna be better than the i14 punishes unless the opponent is at the wall where B3,1 gives a wallsplat into a wall combo.

B3,1 is generally a pretty bad punish in the open as it pushes the opponent far away while allowing them to backroll, putting you in a situation where they can step your WR1+2 after wake-up while you’re too far away to comfortably threaten their Side Step with FF1+2.

FC DF1 can be used as a punish against stagger lows in situations where WS2,2 doesn’t give a clean wallsplat.