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Bob punishers

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Enemy Move Damage Frames Notes
-10 1,1,2 26 +3 Standard punish. Use f+1 for more range
1,4 22 +5 Better CH setups on hit; safer in case of uncertainty on a punish
-12 f+2,3 32 KND Very good range for an i12 punish
-13 b+2,2 22 +8 Mid punish used ONLY for punishing moves that can recover in crouch, a high crush stance, or backturned (e.g. Bears' b+1, Lucky Chloe BT.2)
-14 d+1+2,2,1 35 KND Follow up with microdash b+3 for 51 dmg guaranteed
-15 u/f+4 20 Launch Tailspins on hit
-20 u/f+3 20 KND Substantial combo damage increase
Enemy Move Damage Frames Notes
-10 FC.1 5 +6 Standard downjab
-11 ws4 20 +5 Above average range and dmg for a ws4
-14 ws2,1 24 Launch Best range + dmg of any i14 ws launcher
Extra range
Enemy Move Damage Frames Can reach
-15 d+2,4 33 KND Lucky Chloe u+3
-16 u/f+1+2,1+2 40 KND Bryan ws1
-18 d/b+1+2 16 Launch Leroy d/f+2,1+2
Back-turned opponent
Enemy Move Damage Frames
-13 b+2,2,4,4 58 KND
-20 u/f+2,3,3+4 38 Launch
Grounded opponent
Enemy Move Damage Frames Notes
-17 b3 20 KND Ch launches getup kicks
-18 d1 18 +7 Safe unlike the launch punishable b+3. CH knockdown for guaranteed b+3