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Poultry (a.k.a. Ramon!)
Key techniques
  • Kazumi and Steve
  • Enjoying riffs
  • Hating Negan
  • Milk after teabag
  • Coffee is ass
  • Cats > dogs
Fastest launch i15 – I punch pretty slow man
Fastest CH launch Two seconds? Three?
Fastest wall splat I could never
Parry "I have COVID"
Archetypal moves
Mid check "haha nice man"
Hopkick idk how to format this list
Stature kick so no more jokes
Power low unless its easy
Snake edge LOL
Shadow cutter yep
Clef cannon treble!
Generic moves
Remapped Threw my shoulder out recently, lefts only
Missing (none)
External links
Lore Poultry
Discord Kazumi Mishima Discord server
Active players Twitter

Poultry is a cool dude from Australia who plays cool Tekken 7 characters like Kazumi and Steve and enjoys moves like 1 and df+1 and sometimes even 1,1.

He also likes listening to music. Please send him music recommendations. He's been jamming the same two and a half tech death and indie pop records for the last year. This is a cry for help.

If Poultry is cornered he will throw bizarre movie recommendations at you without your consent.

Poultry requires minimal execution to pilot, for he is a simple man of simple pleasures.


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