Kuma (Tekken 7)

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Kuma (and Panda, often referred to as bears) is the closest thing Tekken has to a joke character. His movement is exceptionally bad to the point where learning to sidestep or backdash cancel properly is almost unnecessary. ---> Really unnecessary indeed. To somewhat make up for this he has a lot of moves with great range and tracking, which almost creates a symmetry where the opponent doesn't need to move either.

He has a wide variety of party moves to murder the unaware: a hard to see Snake Edge, powerful string extensions (e.g. second hit of b,db,d,df+2,2 is a low launcher), moves with weird recovery or that recover grounded, and unique grounded attacks. However, as far as cheese is concerned these rarely go beyond basic knowledge checks.

  • Standing hurtbox can make lows whiff when they normally wouldn't (legs are further back than usual)
  • Janky hurtbox can ruin opponent's combos
  • i10 CH launcher (f+1,1,1)
  • i12 mid (df+4)
  • Gigantic range on df+2,1 for whiff punishment
  • Safe-on-block long range launcher (b,f+2)
  • Safe-on-block lows (db+3, d+4)
  • Big hurtbox can give opponent bigger combos
  • Dreadful movement
  • Terrible mixups
  • No generic d+4
  • Bad range and tracking on all fast moves